NEF100: Burn After Hearing – Nefarious Industries Compilation LP Celebrating 100 Catalog Releases With Exclusive Tracks From Fourteen Label Artists Is Out Today

Following several months of steady single drops, the massive NEF100: Burn After Hearing compilation LP from Nefarious Industries is finally out today, delivering new, exclusive tracks from fourteen of the label’s eclectic flagship artists. Each song from NEF100: Burn After Hearing has been systematically released across all digital platforms over the past several months, with the latest four to drop including “Diamond Maker” by THE DRX, “Nose-Level Collision” by CINEMA CINEMA, “Odd Zoom” by HUMANS ETCETERA, and “Death Wind” by ZEVIOUS.

Nefarious Industries proudly celebrates 100 catalog releases with NEF100: Burn After Hearing, a collection of fourteen exclusive tracks that showcase the harrowing sonic landscape of the label’s eclectic roster. Originally founded as a collective of like-minded individuals seeking an outlet to release off-kilter music, Nefarious Industries has grown into a label that exhibits the most adventurous and challenging artists it can manage to locate.

NEF100: Burn After Hearing features new and exclusive songs from instrumental deviants and label co-founders EL DRUGSTORE, freshly reunited sludge thrashers ARBOGAST, D-beat technicians NEQUIENT, dissonant post-punk veterans RISK RELAY, and ambient/dark-hardcore alchemist GRIDFAILURE. The label is especially excited to resurrect long-dormant avant-garde metal ensemble THE DRX and hypnotic doom-jazz trio ZEVIOUS. The stacked track list also includes crossover thrash veterans PSYCHOSOMATIC breathing new life into a well-known classic, as well as fresh material from post-hardcore noise-mongers BEDTIMEMAGIC, esoteric riff-trippers GEMATRIA, ambient drone mastermind ZVI, garage/math rock duo FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY, art-jazz punks CINEMA CINEMA, and experimental grunge collective HUMANS ETCETERA.

NEF100: Burn After Hearing was mastered at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia) who has handled mastering duties for an array of Nefarious Industries artists. The collage-style artwork was handled by Eric Nyffeler, responsible for many of the label’s releases (East Of The Wall, A Fucking Elephant, El Drugstore, Maid Myriad, among others), and the layout was handled by label head Greg Meisenberg.

In addition to the digital release, NEF100: Burn After Hearing is also available on 12” vinyl – 150 on Black, 150 on Black Inside Transparent Red – as well as six-panel digipak CD and cassette.

Hear all tracks from NEF100: Burn After Hearing, including five official videos, at Nefarious Industries where statements from all fourteen are posted and all physical formats can be purchased RIGHT HERE.

NEF100: Burn After Hearing Track Listing:
1. EL DRUGSTORE – Rural Ecstasy
2. THE DRX – Diamond Maker
3. ARBOGAST – Purgative
4. RISK RELAY – Intervention Undivine
6. PSYCHOSOMATIC – Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
7. ZVI – Twocelled
8. NEQUIENT – Kimota
9. GEMATRIA – Black Gate No. 1
10. BEDTIMEMAGIC – The Slumber Party (Part I)
11. GRIDFAILURE – Blades And Arson Instead
12. FUCK YOUR BIRTHDAY – House Of 1000 Corners
13. CINEMA CINEMA – Nose-Level Collision
14. ZEVIOUS – Death Wind