NATVRE’S: MetalSucks Premieres Title Track To Early Cvlts; New LP By Greek Black Metal Act Nears Release Through Argento Records


MetalSucks is offering an exclusive early stream of “Early Cvlts,” the title track to the second LP by Thessaloniki, Greece-based black metal trio, NATVRE’S, as the record nears release through Argento Records.

Combining mid-tempo, over-saturated riffs with feral blast beats and lacerating vocals, NATVRE’S create a hateful maelstrom of terror and controlled chaos that is impossible to forget. The Hellenic commandos now offer the torrential maelstrom of their second proper full-length, Early Cvlts, the album showcasing the band’s terrorizing yet supremely infectious ’90s-inspired blackened arts through eight methodical songs recorded at Stelth Sound Studios and completed with artwork by Luca Devinu.

The band offers with the “Early Cvlts” advance stream, “This song is what NATVRE’S is all about. It’s the song on the album that has the biggest punk influence and it’s a sort of statement against the narcissism and pseudo avant-garde attitude that is quite popular in Black Metal today. It’s a song about reality and self-liberation through following the path that leads to the depth.”

With their debut of the new song, MetalSucks issues, “their music fucking rips. Part second wave black metal and part ferocious punk and hardcore, their second full-length album, Early Cvlts, is wholly menacing and fierce… It’s dramatic and cinematic, both highly focused and slightly off the rails. In short: it’s black metal the way black metal should be.”

Hear “Early Cvlts” by NATVRE’S only through MetalSucks at THIS LOCATION.

The previously-issued “Death Of The Earth” is also streaming at Cvlt Nation HERE.

Argento Records will issue NATVRE’S Early Cvlts digitally and on black and limited colored vinyl on October 27th; find preorders HERE.

NATVRE’S is one of the most destructive black metal units to ever come out of Greece. Formed in 2014, the outfit has been seen supporting the likes of Destroyer 666 and Kawir in their native country. The trio self-released their debut album, Wrath, in 2015; the record immediately sold-out, and was reissued in 2016 through Argento Records as the band was forging new material for its follow-up.

Stand by for additional audio samples and other band news to be issued in the bleak weeks ahead.

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