MYSTIC CIRCLE: German Black Metal Duo Releases Video For Cover Version Of Possessed’s “Death Metal”

While obsessively forging the follow-up to their self-titled 2022 album — released last February via Atomic Fire Records — German black metal duo MYSTIC CIRCLE has unleashed their rendition of Possessed’s iconic song “Death Metal.” Now available digitally, the cover could initially only be found as bonus track on the physical formats of the aforementioned full-length.

Beelzebub comments, “Possessed has always been a huge influence for MYSTIC CIRCLE — not only being the inventors of Satanic death metal but also by delivering a scene defining masterpiece like Seven Churches. They are one of the top three bands of the genre that have to be honored the most besides Venom and Deicide in our opinion. In addition, Peter König added great guest vocals to our interpretation. He’s the singer of German act Gomorrha which also had an undeniable impact on us in our youthhood which makes the whole thing really come full circle for MYSTIC CIRCLE.”

View MYSTIC CIRCLE’s video for their version of Possessed’s “Death Metal,” directed by Christine Lincke, HERE. Stream/purchase the track HERE.

Subscribe to Atomic Fire Records on YouTube and listen to MYSTIC CIRCLE’s “Death Metal (Possessed Cover)” as well as other new tracks in the AFR New Releases playlist on Spotify HERE.

View the band’s previously released videos for “Letters From The Devil,” “Belial Is My Name,” and “Darkness In Flames” at THIS LOCATION.

With seven studio albums and many tours alongside black metal heavyweights Marduk, Gorgoroth, and Dimmu Borgir under their belt: it wasn’t just a little history that MYSTIC CIRCLE left behind when they decided to call it quits in 2007. But alas, fourteen years of silence are over as MYSTIC CIRCLE – consisting of Beelzebub and A. Blackwar who had actually left the group in 1999 – has risen from their graves to renew their deal with the Dark Lord.

This year’s Mystic Circle full-length was produced by the band and Nils Lesser at Vaultroom Productions and features the diabolic cover art of Brazilian artist Rafael Tavares. Order Mystic Circle, merchandise, more from the Atomic Fire Records webshop HERE.

ICYMI: Also check out the group’s Drachenblut album (1998) which is finally available digitally at THIS LOCATION.

Beelzebub – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
A. Blackwar – vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards