MYOPIC: Debut LP Streaming At Svbterranean; Progressive Doom Trio To Release Myopic Via Grimoire Records This Week

[photo by Ben Price]

Washington, DC-based progressive post-metal trio, MYOPIC, presents their long-awaited debut full-length album this week with Myopic. The band’s epic, self-titled LP is now streaming in its entirety through Svbterranean alongside a track-by-track breakdown of the record as its release through Grimoire Records this Friday closes in.

Featuring eight tracks and more than fifty-five minutes of expansive material, the long-awaited album fulfills the progression MYOPIC has made as a band, ranging widely from death metal, to black metal, to post-metal, and doom, at one moment reminiscent of Krallice, and the next of Yob.

With the album stream, Svbterranean offers in part, “With over fifty minutes at their disposal, MYOPIC deliver multifaceted compositions that weave elements of black, death, progressive and post-metal into a dynamic and destructive sound.”

Hear MYOPIC’s self-titled debut LP early through Svbterranean at THIS LOCATION.

Myopic will see release on digital platforms and limited-edition CD through Grimoire Records worldwide this Friday, November 9th. Find preorders RIGHT HERE.

Stand by for live performances in support of the album to be announced.

10/16/2018 Slim’s Downtown – Raleigh, NC w/ At The Graves, Corvid Swarm

MYOPIC was founded in DC in 2010. Originating as a four-piece, they self-released a straightforward death metal demo in 2011, followed by the Vacuous record in 2013, which showcased a new, darker, slower, and more introspective direction for the band. After parting ways with their death metal-style vocalist that year, the bassist and guitarist took on vocal responsibilities, recorded and released their first EP with Grimoire Records, Beyond The Mirror’s Edge. In 2015, MYOPIC joined forces with Appalachian black metal band Torrid Husk and released a split EP called Crawling Mountain Apogee. Here, MYOPIC continued their progression towards slower, longer and more sprawling compositions.

MYOPIC followed this wave of commendations by locking themselves up in their practice space and only coming out to play the occasional show, one being Shadow Woods Metal Fest in 2016, dedicating the entire expanse of time constructing their first proper full-length album. In the winter of 2017, the band returned to the studio to record their eponymous full-length with Grimoire Records’ Noel Mueller who recorded, mixed, and mastered the material. The record was completed with artwork by Casey Drogin and layout by Noel Mueller.