MUTOID MAN: Noisey Unloads New Track From Converge/Cave-In Members’ Debut LP

As Helium Head, the debut LP from the ultra-amplified rock and roll juggernaut created by the devastatingly infectious MUTOID MAN rages towards release, today Noisey rolls out a slamming new anthem from the LP. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and drummer Ben Koller of Converge, now joined by bassist/Saint Vitus soundboard guru Nick Cageao, this punishingly kickass outfit throw down some of the most revved-up dirge rock ever, a spaced-out, noxious blend of mega-jacked riffery fueled by neckbreaking, white-knuckled battery that gladly goes right for the throat.

Get your face peeled alongside the track “Scavengers” joined by a detailed interrogation of Brodsky getting his stones raked over the coals by Noisey, RIGHT HERE.

Also check out a few other rippers from Helium Head including “Scrape The Walls” at the Deciblog HERE and “Gnarcissist” at Magic Bullet HERE.

The high-water marks within the canon of heavy music can typically be both rapidly acknowledged and recognized by album names alone. Jane Doe, Until Your Heart Stops, Jupiter… Quite often, because of how impacting and paradigm-shifting the first listens are, fans of said albums can vividly recall the whens and wheres of the first time they encountered or purchased these works. The energy these MUTOID MAN guys naturally create when they jam-out is almost unspeakable. A jacked-up album firing on all cylinders as well as a few nitro tanks and rocket boosters opened to the max, Helium Head is like classic rock on bath salts and a case of energy bars.

Helium Head will see digital release on November 22nd followed by its CD and LP manifestations — the wax in three different color schemes — on Black Friday, November 29th.