MUTILATION BARBECUE: Ohio Death Metal Crew To Release Debut LP, Amalgamations Of Gore, Via Maggot Stomp March 29th; “Auto Anthropophagy” Streaming + Preorders Posted

photo by Ed Battes

Maggot Stomp presents Amalgamations Of Gore, the debut full-length release from Cleveland death metal crew MUTILATION BARBECUE, announcing the album for release March 29th and issuing its cover art, track listing, preorders, and lead single, “Auto Anthropophagy.”

MUTILATION BARBECUE was spawned in 2019 from the ashes of death-thrash rippers Subtype Zero – the band who also gave birth to fellow Clevelanders and Maggot Stomp alumni 200 Stab Wounds – the initial lineup uniting bassist Dylan Andras, vocalist Chris Fredrick, drummer Harrison Good, and guitarists Nick Mcgroder and Peter Blanchet. Their catchy, creative twists on groove-thick death metal in the slamming ways of long-running progenitors Dying Fetus, Pyrexia, Skinless, and Internal Bleeding places them alongside contemporary peers like Maul, Sanguisugabogg, Snuffed On Sight, and 200 Stab Wounds, and upon release of their eponymous EP in 2021, the band stormed onto the local scene with devastating riffs, horrific lyrics, and an explosive live show.

2022 landed the band under the Maggot Stomp umbrella for the release of their Abortion Ambulance EP followed by extensive local shows opening for everyone from Frozen Soul to Sanguisugabogg to tours with Gates To Hell and Hanging Fortress and an appearance at Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival. With a year of shows under their belt, MUTILATION BARBECUE entered the studio in the Summer of 2023 to work on their debut LP. Several lineup changes saw Dylan Andras switch from bass to replace both guitarists and new bassist Larry Johnson joining the band, which is now a quartet.

Amalgamations Of Gore now arrives, the album delivers nine tracks of pure savagery; sections of rapid-fire blastbeast are gorily strewn throughout sections of mid-paced stomping and neck-snapping rhythm shifts, bizarre swells of curious tonal excursions, and bursts of incinerating solos, the entire record lined with more hooks than a butcher’s freezer. Recorded by the band members, Amalgamations Of Gore was then mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dear Air Studios (Magrudergrind, Fugitive), and completed with cover art by Colter Masson (Nuclear Remains, Kthulhu).

Alongside Amalgamations Of Gore’s lead single, “Auto Anthropophagy,” Harrison Good writes, “This is one of the older tracks on the record and maybe our most intense and brutal death-influenced song yet. It’s been a staple at every show we’ve played for the last couple of years. Conceptually, it’s a death metal take on the interpretations of the ouroboros and the cycle of death and life but through the lens of someone eating themselves to death with Chris’ unique style of lyrics.”

Listen to MUTILATION BARBECUE’s savage “Auto Anthropophagy” now Bandcamp HERE as well as all other streaming services.

Amalgamations Of Gore will be released on LP, CD, MC, and digital formats via Maggot Stomp on March 29th. Find physical preorders at the label webshops HERE and HERE and digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE.

Amalgamations Of Gore Track Listing:
1. Amalgamations Of Gore / Skin Display
2. Hive Mind Homicide
3. Abortion Ambulance
4. Auto Anthropophagy
5. Xenomorphic Organ Rearrangement
6. Carcass Compost
7. Trampled Under 18 Wheels
8. Lady Next Door
9. Spontaneous Human Combustion

MUTILATION BARBECUE is booking new live attacks surrounding the release of the album, with a run with Feticide through Cleveland, Dayton, and Bloomington going down March 8th through 10th, and a confirmed set at the three-day New England Death Metal Bonanza in New Hampshire alongside Maul, Malignancy, Scattered Remnants, and dozens of others at the end of June. Watch for additional updates to post shortly.

3/08/2024 No Class – Cleveland, OH w/ Feticide
3/09/2024 Blind Rage – Dayton, OH w/ Feticide
3/10/2024 I Fell Art Gallery – Bloomington, IN w/ Feticide
6/30/2024 New England Death Metal Bonanza @ The Five/Nine – Litchfield, NH w/ Maul, Malignancy, more [info]

Larry Johnson – bass
Dylan Andras – guitar
Chris Fredrick – vocals
Harrison Good – drums