MUSK OX: Neofolk Collective Unveils Second Clip In The “Making-Of” Woodfall Series Via Decibel

Christened, “a captivating, emotional, and masterfully-crafted achievement of not only neofolk music, but of music in general,” by Sputnik Music, “beautifully sculpted…nothing short of epic,” by Echoes And Dust and, “…the most beautiful album of the year so far. Soft, dreamy, upbeat and ethereal, this needs to be heard by everyone everywhere,” by Swirls Of Noise, MUSK OX‘s monumental Woodfall full-length continues to astound listeners with its eloquent song craft.

In celebrating its release, Decibel Magazine is hosting a “making of” Woodfall video series which documents the trio’s meticulous recording process. Following last week’s episode, which saw band founder/guitarist Nathanaël Larochette discussing Woodfall‘s inspiration and concept, part two features Larochette tracking his painstakingly-composed guitar arrangements.

View it at THIS LOCATION. And if you missed part one, check it out HERE.

Nearly six years in the making, MUSK OX‘s Woodfall is an hour-long, five-part progressive chamber folk epic captured via classical guitar, cello, and violin all motivated by Canada’s vivid landscapes. Their sprawling, emotive passages manifest an audio fusion of darkness and light, substance and void, sorrow and joy. “Despite its relative softness,” Exclaim notes, “Woodfall refuses to work as background music; there’s too much going on for the album to come together at the subliminal level, a reminder that complexity (both emotional and aesthetic) doesn’t have to bang you over the head to demand your attention.” Now featuring Larochette alongside Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Evan Runge (violin), MUSK OX has released two full-length albums and three self-recorded demos. Additionally, Larochette offered three interlude contributions to Agalloch’s latest full-length release The Serpent & The Sphere, out now on Profound Lore.

Woodfall is available through the MUSK OX BandCamp page and official website.