MOURNFUL CONGREGATION: Vast Is The Agency Of Doom – 20 Buck Spin To Exhume From The Earth A New Release

Yet another shining jeweled crown to add to the growing reliquary of MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, 20 Buck Spin proudly presents Concrescence Of The Sophia to the North American cemetery.

The ever-bereaved members of Australia’s MOURNFUL CONGREGATION hath seen fit to wake once more and bequeath to thee, feeble mortal, two new effigies of chiseled white marble doom upon which, souls torn asunder, the passed are reverently consecrated. Herein find MOURNFUL CONGREGATION continuing to advance their unrivaled painstaking style of extreme doom, from soaring majestic beauty straight down into the lowliest somber depths of hell.

Intended to an extent as an “in-between” release while the funeral directors sculpt their next full-length eulogy, the release begins with its title track, the 20+ minute “Concrescence Of The Sophia” where “the weight of all waters, and the mass of all stars” exacts a heavy toll in the timeless pursuit of mystical knowledge. The monumental main riff onerously giving foundation to Damon Good’s ardently howling leads and sepulchral lament. Acoustic interludes offering only temporary respite to doom’s forgone conclusion. On the B-side, “Silence Of The Passed,” at a mere 9 minutes in length nonetheless foretells how vast is the agency of doom.

20 Buck Spin will handle the North American purveyance of Concrescence Of The Sophia on June 24th — set for digital, MCD and MLP pressings — with Osmose mongering the wares to international lands.

Following several incredible West Coast North American tours on their 2011-released The Book Of Kings opus, of which Decibel Magazine stated, “In time for 2012, the soundtrack to the apocalypse has been released,” MOURNFUL CONGREGATION will return stateside just after the release of Concrescence Of The Sophia, to make their long-anticipated East Coast debut live appearance at NYC’s five-day underground extreme music fest, Martyrdoom. Now confirmed to headline TWO nights of the festival, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION will perform on Friday, June 27th alongside Imprecation, Begrime Exemious, Geryon and more, and then again on Tuesday, July 1st, joined by 20 Buck Spin labelmates, Lycus, as well as Lord Mantis, Vilkacis and Evoken.

Concrescence Of The Sophia Track Listing:
1. Concrescence Of The Sophia (21:42)
2. Silence Of The Passed (8:57)