MOURNFUL CONGREGATION: New Album Streaming In Advance Of Release

Just in time for Halloween, today 20 Buck Spin have posted a stream of The Book Of Kings — the new full-length album from Australian funeral doom overlords MOURNFUL CONGREGATION — in its entirety, just a week before release stateside next Tuesday, November 8th. The brilliant, extensive release is being praised as some of the band’s finest epic doom metal to date, preceded by two decades of material that has already earned MOURNFUL CONGREGATION placement in the highest ranks of the genre.

Bask in the massive, oppressive beautiful destruction of The Book Of Kings AT THIS LOCATION.

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION‘s maiden voyage to North American shores is quickly approaching as the band prepare for their nine-show run down the West Coast late this month, which includes a headlining performance at December’s Rites Of Darkness III festival alongside Zemial, Midnight, Loss, Mortuary Drape, Sargeist, Urfaust, Tribulation, Stargazer, Anteus and dozens of incredible, international extreme metal entities.

“In time for 2012, the soundtrack to the apocalypse has been released.” – Decibel

“Funeral doom services are meant to provide comfort: a suitable ambiance for morose contemplation, a perfect cathedral in which to worship.” – Chronicles Of Chaos

“Their Chopin-meets-Wagner sense of harmonic construction and melodrama sets them apart from the rest of the normally dull and uninspired genre of funeral doom metal.” – The Inarguable

“…over 70 minutes of majestically depressive music that is perfectly composed to transmit depressive emotions into the listener.” – Infernal Masquerade

“…the perfect soundtrack for the depressive autumn season this time of year; this is really music you can lose yourself in.” – Sea Of Tranquility

11/30/2011 Highline Bar – Seattle, WA w/ Samothrace
12/01/2011 Rotture – Portland, OR w/ Merkstave
12/02/2011 Alibi – Arcata, CA
12/03/2011 The Metro – Oakland, CA w/ Laudanum, Lycus
12/04/2011 Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA w/ Vastum
12/05/2011 Five Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA w/ Destroy Judas, Harassor, Pendulous
12/06/2011 Yucca Taproom – Tempe, AZ w/ Rituals, Fanapth
12/07/2011 M’s Lips Lounge – El Paso, TX w/ Impetuous Ritual, Grave Upheaval, Ritual Necromancy, Satanik Goat Ritual
12/08-11/2011 Rites of Darkness Festival – San Antonio, TX [info]
11/12/2011 Mohawk – Austin, TX w/ Cruciamentum, Pallbearer, Ritual Necromancy