MØTIVATIØN: Decibel Magazine Premieres New Video From All-Star Alliance Featuring Members Of Dool, Lugubre, Humanity Is Cancer, And More; The Infinite 8 Steps To Power / Money / More Full-Length Out Now On Seeing Red Records

MØTIVATIØN, the mammoth collaborative undertaking led by chief motivator, instigator, orchestrator and visionary, Ø, has unveiled its latest video, “Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást.” Now playing at Decibel Magazine, the track comes by way of The Infinite 8 Steps To Power / Money / More full-length, released in February via Seeing Red Records.

MØTIVATIØN unites a varied array of musicians under the guise of a simple premise: If you want to motivate yourself by motivating others and/or motivate others by motivating yourself, then your positive collaboration will be most welcome. MØTIVATIØN’s immersive experience and teachings continually challenge and engage candidates searching for the best possible version of themselves. The ambitious effort boasts twelve stirring hymns brought to fruition by members of Faith No More, Throbbing Gristle, Agnostic Front, L7, Lunachicks, Toxic Holocaust, EyeHateGod, Black Anvil, High Reeper, Obituary, the Andrew W. K. band, and so many more.

At once epic and disquieting, the instrumental “Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást” features JB Van Der Wal (Dool, Ûngrûn, Lugubre, ex-Aborted, ex-Herder) and Thomas Haywood (Humanity is Cancer, Grave Plague, To Dust, Vintage Warlords, ex-Abigail Williams).

Offers Ø, “In celebration of the Mømentus occasion of the completion of the first Nøde of the Human Bløckchain (BETA///138), the MØTIVATIØN Cøllective has produced this offering. It is our hope and intention that this act of creative experimentation, this demonstration of the power of connectivity and the incredible technology of the collective human neural network, supercharge the psyche of all who were bold enough to participate, and act as a beacon to all on the quest for PURE MØTIVATIØN.”

Adds Decibel, “The ambitious track has a ritualistic feel about it, blending primal drumming, sparkling ambient and strummed acoustic guitar with lumbering doom. ‘Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást’ is fully instrumental but the song says plenty, traversing the area between soaring crescendos and crushing lows.”

View “Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást” at THIS LOCATION.

View the first single from The Infinite 8 Steps tø Pøwer / Møney / Møre — “Prisøn Løgic,” featuring members of Cro-Mags, EyeHateGod, Lunachicks, and High Reeper — at THIS LOCATION as well as a brief discussion about the track among its collaborators HERE. Watch the video for “Revelatiøn Denied” featuring members of Obituary, the Andrew W.K. band, and more at THIS LOCATION and a mini-documentary dissecting the mystery of its featured (or perhaps unfeatured?) members HERE. Finally, check out “Control” featuring members of Black Anvil and Lunachicks HERE.

The Infinite 8 Steps To Power / Money / More is available on LP. Find ordering options at THIS LOCATION where the record can also be streamed in full with an NFT edition to follow in the weeks to come.

The Infinite 8 Steps To Power / Money / More Track Listing:

  1. Step Øne (In 5 Easy Steps) (Feat. Theo Kogan, Joel Grind, Lucy Pierce, Shane Trimble)
  2. Swalløw (Feat. Theo Kogan, Roger Miret, Shane Trimble)
  3. Prisøn Løgic (Feat. Mike IX Williams, Parris Mayhew, Gina Volpe, Shane Trimble)
  4. Cøntrol (Feat. Paul Delaney, Theo Kogan)
  5. Initium Fire/Gøld (Feat. Donita Sparks, Gina Volpe, Theo Kogan)
  6. Medi (C+T) Atiøn (Feat. Paul Delaney, Theo Kogan, Victoria Starr)
  7. Hel Føn Ágnum Klár Føn Bryn Ànd Licht Føn Gást (Feat. John Bart Van Der Wal, Thomas Haywood)
  8. Pay Tø Play (Feat. Roger Miret, Roddy Bottum, Theo Kogan , Richie Long)
  9. Øpen (Feat. Eddley Odowd, Theo Kogan)
  10. Revelatiøn Denied (Feat. Erik Payne, Gregg Roberts, Mike Radford, John Sutton, Kenny Andrews)
  11. Løgistics (Feat. Norman Reedus, Matt Katz-Bohen, Theo Kogan, Shane Trimble)
  12. Spøils; Zenith (Feat. Roddy Bottum, Victoria Starr, Genesis P Orridge, Norman Reedus, Eddley Odowd, Joe Letz, Andy Duval)