MORBUS CHRON Demo Released

A message from Swedish death metallers MORBUS CHRON:

“And so it is finally released…. I salute you, dead corpses… TODAY WE MAKE HISTORY! MORBUS CHRON’s first demo tape Splendour Of Disease is finally out. Haha, anyway, it feels great.

All of you guys that mailed and shit like that will be getting a copy. We will start checking around for addresses. But our lives would be hell a lot easier if you could help us with that as well. So, drop your location to, and we will forever be grateful (dead). We’ve also set up a paypal-account so we can suck some money off of you… More about that later.

I, Robba, have been sleeping with the demos, so dont get mad if theres some unknown stains on the covers or something. I’ll leave you with a happy picture and a good day. Uäh..
We’d also like to thank Neras and Dybbuck for everything! METAL DE MURTE!