MORBID STENCH: Carbonized Records Reissues The Rotting Ways Of Doom Full-Length From Central American Death/Doom Trio On Limited Edition Vinyl

Carbonized Records has reissued The Rotting Ways Of Doom, the second full-length studio offering from Central American death/doom trio MORBID STENCH, on limited edition vinyl.

MORBID STENCH was forged in 2014 and features guitarist/bassist Morbid (Conceived By Hate), drummer Purulent (Invocation Of Death), and vocalist/lyricist The Master Butcher (Insepulto, Necrogod). Following their debut EP, The Stench Of Doom, released in 2016 and a split 7” with Master Butcher’s side project, Necrogod, MORBID STENCH went on to release their full-length album, Doom And Putrefaction in 2019 through Poland’s Putrid Cult Records. In December 2020, Argentinian labels El Conjuro Records and Alkolik Holocaust Records reissued the record in limited cassette format, and by September 2023, Brazilian label Arauto da Morte Records reissued the album on limited edition CD format which included extras and exclusive artwork.

Following another split, this time with Anarchos called Ghospels Of Necromancy, MORBID STENCH dropped the sordid sounds of their second full-length, The Rotting Ways Of Doom, in August 2022. The record was instantly embraced by the extreme metal underground. Head-Banger Reviews wrote, “To lose yourself in the depths of The Rotting Ways Of Doom is to find yourself amidst some of the best that the underground has to offer.” Mystification ‘Zine wrote, “these folks have managed a set of straightforward and readable songs which hit their mark and stick in the mind while injecting the formula with some real death metal… An easy record to just pick up and sink into.” In their premiere of the record’s “Macabre Introspection” video, No Clean Singing hailed, “a moody, morbid, and horror-drenched piece of music.” Much like Doom And Putrefaction, The Rotting Ways Of Doom was issued through a small army of labels internationally on various formats with Carbonized finally unveiling the release for American listeners.

The Rotting Ways Of Doom is available on vinyl via Carbonized Records on two color variants: Black and Gold + Oxblood Merge w/ Black, Blue, and White Splatter.

Find ordering options at the Carbonized webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE where the record can be streamed.

The Rotting Ways Of Doom Track Listing:
1. Estuary Of Relics
2. Macabre Introspection
3. Ekleipsis
4. Darkening Osmosis
5. Iconoclast Reverberations
6. Slowly Walking Through The Darkness

Morbid – guitar, bass
Purulent – drums
The Master Butcher – vocals