MORBID CARNAGE To Unleash Night Assassins

Hungarian thrash metal miscreants MORBID CARNAGE recently completed the recording of debut full-length, Night Assassins, to be released via Singapore-based Pulverised Records later this year. Night Assassins features seven tracks of raw, molten, ’80s-inspired hell thrash that reek of beer, evil, burning embers and empty graves.

Night Assassins Track Listing
1) “Warlust”
2) “Slaughtering”
3) “Funeral Pyre”
4) “Empty Graves”
5) “Deviant”
6) “Castle In Pain”
7) “Night Assassins”

Formed in 2007 by members of Fagyhamu (Pagan black metal) and Concrete (vicious ’80s thrash), the MORBID CARNAGE mission is simple: “We play in the old-school thrash style for the feeling. Enjoy our music and open a bottle of beer now in the name of metal! Night Assassin awaits you, Night Assassins kill you!” — The MORBID CARNAGE Collective

Blasphemy – Vocals / Drums
Churchburner – Guitars
Diguster – Guitars
Necrofaust – Bass

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