MEGATON LEVIATHAN: Psychedelic Doom Conjurors Unveil “The Foolish Man” At Cvlt Nation; New Full-Length Out TODAY Via Seventh Rule

In celebration of the official unveiling of Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell, the newest full-length from Portland otherworldy doom brooders, MEGATON LEVIATHAN, today Cvlt Nation thrusts forth second movement, “The Foolish Man” featuring Henry Barnes of Bastard Noise on homemade sitar.

Elaborates Cvlt Nation, “‘The Foolish Man” is a journey of massive proportions; once you step into its world, you are caught in swirling northern winds as you watch Aurora Borealis dance across the sky. It’s a bleak place, but also captivating; the drone washes into your ear canals and echoes through your skull, piercing your consciousness and communicating with your very braincells. This is universe music.”

Take a voyage with “The Foolish Man,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed the last expedition, get consumed by “Past 21,” still streaming at Invisible Oranges at THIS LOCATION.

Out today via Seventh Rule Recordings, Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell was mixed by MEGATON‘s newest resident thaumaturgist, Mort Subite (V.I.I.R.L., Alfheimr, Benighted In Sodom live), and is a near lethal dose of solemn audio narcotic, shifting the listener somewhere outside the realm of space-time for the duration of its dissociative transduction from speakers to brain. Glacial, yet burning with divine fire, Past 21‘s spell is simultaneously whispered in a hallowed chapel, and torn from a throat rent by the gnashing of teeth. Aquarius Records crowns the record, “gorgeously tranced-out psych-doom bliss of the highest order,” Invisible Oranges notes, “Like elder experimentalists, MEGATON LEVIATHAN are driven to create, explore, and meddle with moods,” Sea of Tranquility relays, “[Andrew James] Costa weaves some heavy, ponderous riffs that are supported by spacey keyboards and electronics as well as meditative drums/percussion. When vocals do float into the mix, they are more of the haunting, ethereal, and melodic variety, almost like something you would hear on an old Pink Floyd or Eloy record from the 1970s. ‘The Foolish Man’ sees these ominous vocal sections drifting over bubbling synths and droning sitar, while eerie chants waft in like tempting weed smoke over slow, funeral doom riffs on the crawling death march that is the near thirteen-minute ‘Arctic Cell,'” while the Portland Mercury adds, “MEGATON LEVIATHAN‘s new long-player crawls at a glacial pace, and smacks of a band working to give their listeners more than a song. Droning atmosphere and psychedelia join down-tuned rumblings and sweeping riffs, and the Portland band offers an organic experience–not just another sonic pummeling. MEGATON LEVIATHAN seems to be looking for something more, and wants you to turn off for a while and start looking, too.”

In April of 2014, MEGATON founder and lone original member, Andrew James Costa Reuscher and Subite took Past 21 on the road for a first round of West Coast dates featuring heavy visual elements, with Reuscher the unifying human component, and Subite as the hidden hand, mixing live audio. MEGATON LEVIATHAN later tapped V.I.I.R.L. drummer Markus Covello to join the fold. With Reuscher handling vocal and guitar operations, and Subite continuing his live audio duties, this revamped, three-man cast now forms the core of the MEGATON LEVIATHAN live experience. See a listing of remaining performances of their US tour below.

9/09/2014 The Crown – Baltimore, MD
9/10/2014 Static Age – Asheville, NC
9/12/2014 Springwater – Nashville, TN
9/14/2014 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
9/15/2014 TBA – Austin, TX
9/16/2014 TBA – Dallas, TX
9/18/2014 Bar Bar – Denver, CO

Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell is out NOW via Seventh Rule Recordings on CD and bone with sea blue and doublemint splatter vinyl. Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.