MEGALOPHOBE: Brooklyn Soloist To Perform Virtual Livestream Set This Saturday; Music For Resistance Fantasies Performance Out Now Through Nefarious Industries

Brooklyn ambient/experimental solo artist, MEGALOPHOBE, will perform a live virtual set this weekend as part of the HERE and THERE virtual program.

Benjamin Levitt is a New York City based experimental musician interested in drawing cohesion out of broken pieces, peace out of squall, and interest out of repetition. His MEGALOPHOBE project is centered around the process of resolving a life alongside the disquiet of scale. He is a mathematician by training, though he has long since gone feral. His latest release, Music For Resistance Fantasies, is a cinematic soundscape and backing score created for a live improvisational dance performance which took place in Brooklyn in 2019, and saw release late last year via Nefarious Industries.

HERE and THERE is a twelve-hour virtual program with two streams, side by side, featuring the multimedia work from seventy-one international artists, running from 10am ET-10pm ET this Saturday, May 22nd. MEGALOPHOBE‘s HERE and THERE live – not pre-recorded – performance will yield an experimental ambient/drone/noise composition for modified accordion and electronics. Using an accordion outfitted with an internal pickup to capture the notes from the reeds along with the mechanical wheezes and clicks of the bellows, to build a rich and varied blanket of sounds. This set will mix subtle harmonic elements with barely contained feedback and processed noise to confounding and surprising effect — a mix of the immersive with the ambient, both performance and spectacle.

Find more info and watch MEGALOPHOBE’s HERE and THERE virtual LIVE performance this Saturday, May 22nd at 8:30pm ET at THIS LOCATION.

MEGALOPHOBE‘s Music For Resistance Fantasies album was fully performed, recorded, and mixed by Levitt at his Forked Audio in Brooklyn, the album then mastered by David Salierno, and completed with photos by Levitt and Jon Burklund/Zanni Video, and layout/design by David Brenner/Gridfailure.

Find the limited Music For Resistance Fantasies cassette and more at the Nefarious Industries webshop RIGHT HERE.

MEGALOPHOBE is immersed in the creation of a new album, the outfit’s third collaborative album with Gridfailure, and other new recordings. Watch for updates to be announced over the months ahead.