MASTIFF: Brutal Metallic Sludge Outfit Conspires With Industrial Noise Dealers Tayne On “Trapped Inside The Void”

Photo by Nick Sayers

Following their critically acclaimed collection of misery, Deprecipice, Hull-based sludgecore hooligans MASTIFF has turned to Dublin-born, London-based industrial outfit Tayne to up the intensity, if that was ever possible, on “Trapped Inside The Void.” Envisage the sound of a seedy night between a HM-2 and synth-laden machine gun drums conceived by Al Jourgensen.

Comments MASTIFF, “We didn’t think it possible that anyone could make MASTIFF sound even more abrasive and obnoxious, but it turns out Tayne is even more irresponsible with human hearing than we are!”

Adds Tayne, “MASTIFF are the purveyors of disgusting music so trying to make them sound heavier was never going to be achievable. We decided to go with a new Beta sequence on this one so we kicked up the ‘4d3d3d3’ and added some ‘hat wobble’ to the track. We are stoked with the results. Hopefully it’s something that people will listen to and say…’ Now Tayne I can get into…'”

Watch “Trapped Inside The Void” at THIS LOCATION. Stream the track at THIS LOCATION.

The title “Trapped Inside The Void” is taken from MASTIFF’s beer collaboration with Nottingham based brewery Black Iris, a big and juicy 7.2% NEIPA, hopped in primary with Citra Cryo and later dry hop additions of Cashmere and Mosaic Cryo. Find more information at THIS LOCATION.

Everything MASTIFF does is in the name of intensity. Since forming amid the misery of Kingston-Upon-Hull in 2013, the UK five-piece has crashed extreme metal, sludge, and hardcore together to create the most brutal sonic onslaughts possible all in the name of keeping their music fresh, raw, and seething.

Signing to MNRK Heavy, MASTIFF’s commitment to blunt-force aggression remains untempered. Their 2021 album, Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth, was described by Blabbermouth’s Dom Lawson as a, “horrifying slab of disgust,” and a, “sustained scream in the face of uncontrollable madness.” Their long-anticipated follow-up, Deprecipice, is an album that, somehow, smacks even harder than anything the band has unchained before, produced by longtime collaborator Joe Clayton (Wallowing, Ithaca, Tuskar) at Manchester’s No Studio. With DeprecipiceMASTIFF has made a magnum opus that bleeds with genuine pain.

Deprecipice is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. Find orders at THIS LOCATION.

“…these are songs for when you’re at the end of your rope; when hopeless lyrics and vicious fight riffs make more sense than therapy or promises of better days…” Decibel Magazine

“If their last album sounded like it wanted to crawl into the corner and die, Deprecipice wants to kill you as swiftly & efficiently as it can” Metal Hammer

“…a complete and all-encompassing descent into the void – a weight on your chest that simply won’t budge, a reminder both lyrically and sonically that nothing lasts and everything decays…” — Distorted Sound

“Deprecipice documents matured and weathered men, birthed and remaining in a bitter locale abandoned by hope to endure a caustic existence. The songwriting is an extension of the band’s interests and impactful emotions. They self-edit flawlessly, always providing enough, but never excess. And let’s not ignore that this is just heavy as fuck, that guitar sound/tuning, the thick, ugly riffs, exuding a punishing experience.” New Noise Magazine