MASTERY — Featuring Billy Milano — Set To Unleash New Record

This past June, Toronto metal troupe MASTERY entered Studio 57 at Music Lab in Austin, Texas with producer Tim Gerron and recorded their as-yet-untitled full-length. The album was mixed by Tim Gerron and Dan Korneff at House of Loud Studios in Elmwood Park, New Jersey last month. MASTERY fuses the blazing aggression of hardcore thrash with the technical prowess of progressive metal, leaving fans with a balls-out assault that relives the majesty of old school metal with a sense of originality.

MASTERY was founded by guitarist Markus Armellini in Toronto. With no luck finding a vocalist that could compliment the intensity and aggression of the music, the band’s debut, Lethal Legacy, was unleashed as an instrumental in North America in 2006 and in Europe one year later. Following the release, MASTERY toured the States extensively. It was at a show in Austin where the band met legendary vocalist Billy Milano of M.O.D./S.O.D. Combined with Armellini, drummer Mike Harshaw, bassist Tim “Tank” Casterline, and lead guitarist Kelly Fitzsimmons, MASTERY is finally ready to scorch the ears of unsuspecting metallers globally.

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