MARISSA NADLER: The Sleeping Shaman Premieres “Sad Cinderella” Lyric Video; Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III With AMENRA, CAVE IN, And MARISSA NADLER Available Through Neurot Recordings

photos by Kristin Cofer

As AMENRA, CAVE IN, and MARISSA NADLER continue to promote their work on the Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III LP, a new lyric video for MARISSA NADLER’s rendition of “Sad Cinderella” is now playing at The Sleeping Shaman.

Beloved American singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt passed away at the age of 52 on January 1st, 1997, in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. His music touches people. Many believe he was a genius, and sing his sad, brilliant songs. Imagine if he was still creating music, in a time when artists themselves decide what to release and when to do it – something that songwriters of his era often were unable to do.

In 2012, the label My Proud Mountain was established specifically for the purpose or releasing the first Songs Of Townes Van Zandt LP, to which the singers and guitarists of the band Neurosis – Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till – and Saint Vitus/The Obsessed’s Scott “Wino” Weinrich contributed nine Van Zandt songs. The goal was to introduce these brilliant works to fans who may have never heard the originals, but through the interpretation of the songs through the mentioned musicians, would lead them to do so.

In 2014, Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. II carried on the tradition, this time featuring songs from John Baizley of Baroness, Nate Hall of US Christmas, and Mike Scheidt of Yob.

And now, 2022 sees Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III seeing release, featuring new renditions of nine classic tracks as interpreted by AMENRA, CAVE IN, and MARISSA NADLER.

The Sleeping Shaman writes with the new “Sad Cinderella” video, “The eight year hiatus between the release of Vol. II and Vol. III has been well worth the wait as this issue see’s MARISSA NADLER, AMENRA, and CAVE IN giving their own take on the legends music, and today it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you the lyric video for MARISSA NADLER’s reimagining of ‘Sad Cinderella.’”

Watch MARISSA NADLER’s “Sad Cinderella” lyric video through The Sleeping Shaman first at THIS LOCATION.

Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III is now available on multiple vinyl variants and on CD in North America through Neurot Recordings at THIS LOCATION, and digitally through Bandcamp where the album is streaming HERE. The record will see full digital release through all DSPs worldwide on July 1st and is handled outside of North America by My Proud Mountain.

Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. III Track Listing:
1. Marissa Nadler – Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria
2. Amenra – Black Crow Blues
3. Cave In – Nothin’
4. Amenra – Kathleen
5. Cave In – The Hole
6. Amenra – Flyin’ Shoes
7. Marissa Nadler – Sad Cinderella
8. Cave In – At My Window
9. Marissa Nadler – None But The Rain