MANIC ABRAXAS: Bangor, Maine Punk/Metal Trio To Release Steve Austin-Produced Third Album, Foreign Winds, In September; Cover Art, Track Listing, And Lead Single “Black Destrier” Issued

Bangor, Maine-based blackened doom/punk/thrash trio MANIC ABRAXAS has completed work on its third album, Foreign Winds, confirming it for independent release in September and issuing its cover art, track listing, and lead single, “Black Destrier.”

MANIC ABRAXAS formed in 2012 and unites a collective of occult individuals who met at local shows and who all just couldn’t get enough Celtic Frost, early High On Fire, and Unearthly Trance. Their unique brand of punk and metal fuses unpredictable yet catchy riffing with underground hooks and an energetic and aggressive sound that will make you either pump your fists or nod your head to the deep grooves.

Through two prior albums – 2015’s Manic Abraxas and 2020’s Speed GolemMANIC ABRAXAS has employed heavy D.I.Y. promotion and regional performances supporting the likes of The Obsessed, Today Is The Day, Pilgrim, Heavy Temple, Shabti, Zud, Hessian, and more, earning them a solid fanbase, and earning the title of “Maine’s Best Metal Band” by Bangor Daily News.

2022 sees MANIC ABRAXAS come ripping forth with their third album, Foreign Winds, its seven thundering tracks delivering thirty-two minutes of dirge-strewn punk-fueled doom/crossover. Recorded over twelve days in 2021, Foreign Winds was engineered and produced by Today Is The Day’s Steve Austin at Austin Enterprise in Orland, Maine. Joining drummer Tom Bennett, bassist/vocalist/synth player Justin Hamm, and guitarist/vocalist/synth player Dallas Seger, the record features guest vocals from Ryu Mitsuhashi on “Domerunner” and lead guitars from Ryan Curry on “Foreign Winds.”

The first foretaste of MANIC ABRAXAS’ Foreign Winds, “Black Destrier,” can now be streamed at THIS LOCATION.

MANIC ABRAXAS will independently release Foreign Winds on CD and all digital formats on September 30th. Find preorders at Bandcamp HERE. Stand by for additional audio previews, live events, and more to be posted over the weeks ahead.

Foreign Winds Track Listing:
1. Red Camo Rock
2. Onyxsphere
3. I Toblakai
4. Foreign Winds
5. Canonized
6. Domerunner
7. Black Destrier

Tom Bennett – drums
Justin Hamm – bass, vocals, synth
Dallas Seger – guitar, vocals, synth