MACABRE Album Released Today; Rue-Morgue Premieres New Track

As of now the general public can stop by their local disc monger and pick up Grim Scary Tales, the anticipated new full-length from Chicago’s murder metallers MACABRE, as it is officially unleashed upon North Americans today! As always, the band released the album on their own Decomposed Records imprint, with distribution in North America on this release via Willowtip Records.

In celebration of the album’s release, the horror-industry professionals at the almighty Rue-Morgue Magazine are hosting the premiere of a new track from the album on their website. Check out the rampant insanity and high-speed twang of “The Bloody Benders” on Rue-Morgue’s page here.

Interviews with MACABRE’s infamous main vocalist/7-string guitar assassin Corporate Death are available as well. Contact one of the gravediggers at Earsplit PR for specific info.

Recorded in 2010, celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary, the highly anticipated 14-track platter of splatter Grim Scary Tales presents the classic MACABRE style fans have come to bloodthirstily expect, cleverly combining nursery rhyme sing-along quirkiness with ultra-tight, high-speed, gore/grind/death ingenuity. Their first full length since 2003’s blistering Murder Metal, MACABRE have cleverly devised a “story book of murder,” as Grim Scary Tales traces some of the most infamous serial killers and mass murderers. From the beginning of recorded mass killers, the album progresses through the annals of the world’s creepiest ghouls, including Locusta, Vlad Tepes, Gilles Garnier, Elizabeth Bathory, Mary Ann Cotton, the Bender Family, Lizzie Borden, Karl Grossmann and more. Recorded and mixed at The Ensomberoom by Geoff Montgomery (The Chasm, Coffinworm, Shub Niggurath, Couldron), this crushing album also bears original artwork and layout crafted by Scott Jackson of Monsterman Graphics and Rock N Roll Comics notoriety, perfectly visualizing the album’s gory nature.

“…this odd, transgressive, audacious record will be like manna from the drill-hole in the head of a Dahmer acid zombie for those who can abide a healthy dose of absurdity in their brutality. 8/10” – Decibel

“…a mixed bag, offering some straight up blasters, semi-technical death (these guys are underrated musicians, IMO), “true metal” ballads, chicken-pickin’, poetry and those demented carnival sing-songs that the band likes to dabble in. 8.5/10″ – Hellbound

“The band’s newest opus, and first proper full-length since 2003’s Murder Metal, is as off-the-wall as anything they’ve produced to date. Every bit the raucous, gore-grind slab of still-quivering meat fans have come to expect from the band, Grim Scary Tales is another one in the win column for this now legendary trio. ” – MetalSucks

“Blending elements of death metal, thrash, nursery rhymes, country rock, circus music, chamber music, a weird old town crier and even some world music themes Macabre takes the listener on a twisted sonic journey on every track.” – Metal Army America

“…their approach is utterly distinctive, with snappy, unfailingly energetic songs, based around either crisp machine gun death metal riffs or crunching, hooky mid-tempo grooves.” – Metal Reviews

“…the technical synchronicity that the band is capable of is nothing less than awe inspiring, and new fans just discovering Macabre with this disc might not fully appreciate their capability. 4/5” – Metal Rules