M. R. James’ Casting The Runes Featuring David Warner Audio Premiere Streaming At No Clean Singing; LP Available Through Cadabra Records

As spoken arts label Cadabra Records issues the deluxe vinyl-only release of M. R. James’ Casting The Runes, a new audio sample from the record has been premiered at No Clean Singing. The full cast audio play was produced by Bleak December, adapted by Anthony D. P. Mann, and features actor David Warner, known for his roles in The Omen, Titanic, Tron, Star Trek, Time Bandits, and much more.

Hear the sample from the B-side of Casting The Runes at No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE.

A sample previously released at Dread Central can still be heard HERE.

The first edition of Casting The Runes is pressed in a run of 500 copies pressed on 150-gram colored vinyl — “Karswell’s Curse” opaque green and yellow mix and “The Curse” transparent yellow and black swirl variants — housed in deluxe heavy weight gatefold tip-on jacket, with liner notes by Anthony D. P. Mann and newly commissioned art by Adam Burke. Place orders at the Cadabra Records webshop HERE.

Following the acclaimed adaptation of Dracula, starring Candyman’s Tony Todd, Sherlock Holmes: The Hellhound, a dark reimagining of The Hound Of The Baskervilles featuring Sir Derek Jacobi, and the limited run of Charles Dickens’ The Signalman, with Sylvester McCoy of Doctor Who, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, and more, Casting The Runes is the fourth release from Canadian filmmaker and actor Anthony D. P. Mann’s production company in collaboration with Cadabra Records. Casting The Runes sees David Warner, one of the cinema’s most recognized faces, joining Bleak December’s series on this full-cast and lushly-scored audio adaptation of M. R. James’ terrifying tale of witchcraft and demons. Mr. Warner — whose prolific career of over fifty years has included featured roles in The Omen, Titanic, Tron, Time Bandits, Star Trek, and TV’s Penny Dreadful — portrays the enigmatic Magnus Karswell, whose sinister dabbling in the occult may be at the center of a mysterious death.

Mann, who co-stars in Runes as doomed journalist Edward Dunning, is brimming with enthusiasm at this latest announcement, stating, “I can’t remember a time when David Warner wasn’t a part of my film-watching life, having put his stamp on so many roles in films that have meant a great deal to me. His definitive portrayal of Bob Cratchit in the 1983 version of A Christmas Carol is a master class in acting, and he remains at the top of his game. I am both overjoyed and humbled to have an opportunity to work with one of my favorites.”

David Warner is pleased to be lending his recognizable tones to this audio production, offering, “I was brought up only with radio, so it means so much to me to be able to imagine for myself what is being presented. And we can all imagine differently what is being presented to us via audio and radio, and that’s what the magic of it is – our own imaginations are able to take over. As an actor (and a voice actor, sometimes), I’m so glad to be able to contribute to peoples’ visual take on whatever it is we’re presenting. I just think it’s so invaluable, you know – the images and dreams in the mind.