LUDER: Progressive, Psychedelic Rock Enigmas Release Sophomore Recording Via Small Stone

Today progressive, psychedelic rock enigmas, LUDER, unleash the ethereal sounds of Adelphophagia. The followup to 2009 debut Sonoluminescence, Adelphophagia (referencing the phenomenon of one embryo consuming another in utero) delivers a deeply varied collection of textured, smooth, frequently heavy rock and roll that has as much in common with Portishead as it does Black Sabbath. Recorded with Eric Hoegemeyer (who also contributes piano, backing vocals, percussion, etc.) at Rustbelt Studios, the album pushes LUDER‘s creative breadth to new shoegazing dimensions. Dominant methods and ideas consumed others over a four-years-long writing period to become the expansive scope of “Dirge” and the grunge-y attitude-drenched kissoff “Never Liked You.” Elsewhere LUDER finds room to balance their love of classic prog in “KrautJam” with its organic songwriting sensibility and boldly take on David Bowie’s 1997 single, “I’m Afraid of Americans.”

Though live performances are historically sporadic, LUDER has shared the stage with Kyuss Lives!, Fu Manchu, Lo-Pan, Freedom Hawk, Lord Fowl, Suplecs, Dixie Witch, House of Broken Promises, Gozu among many others. As LUDER comes into their own on Adelphophagia, look to catch them live periodically and expect to be consumed by their warm and eerily welcoming wash of sound.

Check out a full stream of Adelphophagia at the band’s official BandCamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Adelphophagia Track Listing:
1. Never Liked You
2. Astrolabe
3. One Eye
4. Heartfelt
5. Ask The Sky
6. You Try It
7. Dirge
8. I’m Afraid Of Americans
9. Remember What I Said

The formation of LUDER dates back to 2006 when Small Stone Records undertook the task of issuing the lost recordings of a band called Slot after the untimely passing of its founding member and guitarist, Billy Rivkin. After the successful completion of this project, it was decided by the powers that be that some semblance of the band should play at SXSW the following spring. So it was that Sue Lott (Slot’s bassist) and Eddie Alterman (Slot’s drummer) were joined on guitars by Phil Dürr (Big Chief, Giant Brain, Five Horse Johnson) and Small Stone head-honcho Scott Hamilton to pull off such a thing. The thinking was that it would take two guitar players to competently do what Billy did on his own.

Following a successful SXSW show in the spring of 2007, followed by a hometown show at Detroit’s Magic Stick, Lott, Durr, and Hamilton decided it might be worthwhile to continue playing music, perhaps under a different moniker. With Alterman mostly unavailable due to laboral commitments, they humbly asked ex-Novadriver drummer (and current Five Horse Johnson member) Eric Miller to join. At first, the quartet convened mostly to keep their chops up, jamming on quasi-Krautrock riffs a few nights a week. Inevitably though, ideas were hatched, a new band was born, and a new name was chosen; ergo: LUDER (a German term loosely translated as, “little shit”)

LUDER seamlessly incorporates all the influences of the individual band members and their musical histories into a coherent whole. When Miller and Durr bring elements of stoner rock, Lott counters them with an almost jazzy bass line. Hamilton might pitch a decidedly shoegazey melody line, Durr may react by channeling his inner metalhead. When Lott comes to the table with a decidedly ambient bass line, the other three might add any and all types of raucous, multi-genre sounds. If Durr’s hispanophilia threatens to get out of hand, Miller may throw in an absolutely tribal drumbeat. Add a pinch of humor and Lott’s ethereal vocal stylings to the mix, and it all combines to give LUDER‘s music that certain out-of-left-field-je-ne-sais-quoi that sounds like no other. LUDER‘s songs have been described as “disturbingly peaceful,” “peacefully disturbing,” and “in need of editing” (to which they gleefully and politely say “no, thank you” and “up yours” in unison).

Adelphophagia is out now on Small Stone. To order your copy, point your browser HERE.

LUDER are such a potent chemical made up of many elements most of which can be found in the half-light of pop, alternative, trip-hop and of course – the reason why we’re all gathered here today – metal.” – Uber Rock

“Most people will not be expecting an album that, not only sounds like nothing else on the Small Stone roster but is literally incredible from the first note to the last… As sonically diverse and experimental as this album can be at times at its core lies a strong collection of very catchy, memorable and frankly awesome tunes.” — The Sleeping Shaman

“The members of LUDER unfurl just enough unorthodox elements from their separate prior musical paths to give those templates some distinction, including classic, psychedelic, and stoner rock elements, metallic riff worship, and even a discreet power pop undercurrent that alleviates the exquisite torment of it all…” — All Music Guide