LOYAL UNTIL DEATH: Vicious Metallic Hardcore Outfit Delivers “Condemned And Judged” At No Echo; Remain Defiant LP Out Next Week Via 1732 Records

Loyal Until Death band [photo by Melanie Schweighardt]

South Florida-based metallic hardcore heavyweights LOYAL UNTIL DEATH have unleashed a fresh beatdown from their ruthless Remain Defiant LP, now only a week away from release through 1732 Records.

The pit-worthy new single “Condemned And Judged” has been premiered through No Echo. Issues the band of the song, “Pompano Beach, Florida might sound like an ideal place to go for a little rest and relaxation, but don’t tell that to the guys in LOYAL UNTIL DEATH. The metallic hardcore power trio specialize in the kind of aural violence that has more in common with the ugly sounds of Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy than it does with anything even remotely close to ‘beach music.’

Bring the demise of your enemies with LOYAL UNTIL DEATH’s “Condemned And Judged” as the soundtrack; stream it HERE.

Also watch the lyric video for “What Never Dies” at Decibel HERE.

Fans of Terror, Crucified, Hatebreed, and other top-tier metallic hardcore acts will not hesitate to dive headfirst into the brutal grooves and antagonistic delivery. Remain Defiant is set for release on colored vinyl LP, CD, and digital platforms on July 7th through 1732 Records, the label run by guitarist/vocalist Nakia Romero. Find preorder bundles at Bandcamp HERE, BigCartel HERE, and iTunes HERE.

LOYAL UNTIL DEATH once again slaps the world a huge dose of reality with the follow-up to their Born Of Violence full-length. With punishing guitar riffs, merciless lyrics, multiple vocal deliveries, and drums that march to machine gun fire, Remain Defiant is a war cry heard by the Gods, an album created as a big middle finger to the music scene, to society… to the world. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Iceman Studios in Royal Palm Beach with maestro Daniel Columbo (Old Habits, Ether, Incited, Cinderblock, Bishop) at the helm, who captured the sound the band was looking for; gut-wrenching guitar tones, earth shattering drums. It was the missing link to take the band’s sound to the next level. Completing the album is artwork by Eliran Kantor.

Loyal Until Death cover