LORD MANTIS Unleash Details For Sophomore LP; New Track Storms NPR

Details on some of the year’s filthiest, scathing sludge metal comes to light today, as LORD MANTIS prepare to unleash their second full-length album onto the human race in the weeks ahead. Candlelight Records now confirms that March 13th is the day that Pervertor shall crawl forth from the blackest corners of civilization and assert the name LORD MANTIS as the fresh scourge mankind should fear.

Chicago-based LORD MANTIS is comprised of bassist/vocalist Charlie Fell (Nachtmystium, Von, Von Venien), drummer Bill Bumgardner (Indian), and guitarists Andrew Markuszewski (Avichi, Nachtmystium, Von, Von Venien) and Greg Gomer. Undoubtedly one of the most vile releases of 2012, Pervertor is the follow-up to the horde’s 2009-released Seventh Rule Recordings debut, Spawning The Nephilim, the new LP exemplifying their pungent, hateful surge more than ever. Pervertor was put to tape with Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Pelican, Indian), liberating the organic filth of the hymns with maximum destroying power.

Today the public can hear “At the Mouth,” the fist track to be released from Pervertor via NPR’s All Things Considered blog, who notes that the song “comes from several places at once: Swarming blast beats invade a Neurosis-style galloping rhythm section, a perverted sense of melody reigns in the metallic chaos of early Today Is the Day and, at 1:27, those raspy screams give new meaning to ‘sick vocals.'”

Stand “At The Mouth” of Hell RIGHT HERE.

Check out Pervertor‘s track listing, cover art by Justin Bartlett (Watain, Sunn O))), Trap Them):

Pervertor Track Listing:
1. Perverter Of The Will
2. Septichrist
3. Vile Divinity
4. Levia
5. Ritual Killer
6. At The Mouth
7. The Whip And The Body

Touring in support of Pervertor is imminent; stand by for further broadcasts as live attacks are confirmed.