LORD MANTIS: Stereogum Releases Track From Third LP Nearing Release On Profound Lore

Massive daily online music magazine, Stereogum, today tackles one of the filthiest bands currently in existence, infecting the mainstream, releasing a horrifying new single from LORD MANTIS‘ upcoming third LP, Death Mask.

As if the debauchery, grime and repugnance the Chicago-based cult is becoming increasingly infamous for weren’t substantial enough on Death Mask, LORD MANTIS sanctioned the talents of Dylan O’Toole, of hometown cohorts, Indian, to supply some extra scathing layers of contempt and darkness to the album. One of the primary examples of this union is on the album’s fifth movement, the seven-and-a-half minute “Negative Birth,” featuring lyrics and vocals from O’Toole, his presence oozing forth through one of the record’s most intoxicating, pentatonic, and suffocating movements. With this exclusive track premiere of “Negative Birth,” Stereogum informs the listener that “blackened, urban, hellish, seedy and a few dozen other adjectives come to mind immediately upon hearing their latest single,” continuing, “carnal instinct lies beneath the graphic violence – like a tryst gone wrong in a slaughterhouse bathroom, the record revels in the kind of imagery that’s designed to make you tingle in all the wrong ways. Try as you might, it’s hard to look away. Listen.”

Endure this “Negative Birth” at Stereogum now at THIS LOCATION.

Noisey also recently released the album-opening “Body Choke” RIGHT HERE.

Delivering some of the most bottom-dredging, soulless, nihilistic metal imaginable, built of the most slamming chords and grueling buildups and penetrated from every side with the most corrosive vocal tirades, the Chicago-based anti-life quartet truly lives by a code of depravity within a wealth of anti-human views. The members’ hatred for the world exists even within the unit; turmoil within the ranks of LORD MANTIS is a constant factor. The fifty-minute album was recorded with Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Yob) at Chicago-based Electrical Audio and Soma Studios, also responsible for engineering both of the band’s previous LPs for Seventh Rule and Candlelight Records. Indian’s Dylan O’Toole’s vocal/lyrical contributions on two of the tracks and the warped cover art of tattooist/musician Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Twilight) help add additional levels of darkness to Death Mask.

LORD MANTIS‘ upcoming East Coast tour to raid this year’s Martyrdoom in NYC alongside Mournful Congregation, Lycus, Vilkacis and Evoken on July 1st will be announced shortly.