LORD DYING: Clandestine Transcendence Full-Length Out Today On MNRK Heavy!

Photo by Neil DaCosta

Stream LORD DYING’s Clandestine Transcendence HERE

Today marks the official unveiling of Clandestine Transcendence, the latest full-length studio offering from Portland, Oregon-based progressive sludge metal conjurors, LORD DYING.

The second installment of a planned trilogy, Clandestine Transcendence picks up where 2019’s critically adored Mysterium Tremendum left off. Mysterium Tremendum began a narrative centered on a central character the band calls The Dreamer, an immortal being who wants to die. On Clandestine Transcendence, he gets that wish and explores what happens beyond death. Woven throughout the songs, that story and its rich thematic material inform a wholly immersive listen where tension, drama, and atmosphere abound. The massive scope and melodic vocals found across the record expand upon the band’s already singular sound while sharpened songwriting, emphasizing hooks, helps push both extremes of the band beyond prior limits. Simply put, the softer side is even dreamier; the heavy side is twice as brutal.

On Clandestine Transcendence, LORD DYING co-founders Erik Olson (guitar, vocals) and Chris Evans (guitar) are joined by Alyssa Maucere (former bassist for Eight Bells) and Kevin Swartz (current drummer of Tithe). Produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (High On Fire, Code Orange, Kvelertak) at his God City Studios, the twelve-track offering steps even further into the great unknown, filled with riffs and vibes.

Clandestine Transcendence is available on CD, LP, and digital formats through MNRK Heavy. Find ordering options at THIS LOCATION

Watch the band’s previously released videos for “I AM NOTHING, I AM EVERYTHING,” “The Endless Road Home,” and “The Universe Is Weeping” HERE.

“This is LORD DYING at their peak: oscillating adeptly between pounding metallic hardcore sludge and expansive, progressive and cinematic soundscapes.” – Decibel Magazine

“The diversity in the arrangements, the musicianship, and the firm embrace of a number of metal subgenres is so ever apparent on literally every single track. In this respect, I might liken them to a North American version of Norway’s Enslaved. They don’t place limits on their composition and blend and bridge different types of sounds without fear. This is a standout LP that has so much to offer for so many.” – Metal Injection

“Clandestine Transcendence is heavy on the hooks and strong writing despite being heavy, doomy, dissonant, and taking on some pretty epic and massive themes. It manages to paint a huge and literary picture while also staying catchy and relevant, which isn’t an easy thing to do.” – MetalSucks

“Continually evolving from record to record, LORD DYING can’t be merely categorized as a sludge metal outfit. Aspects of psychedelia, progressive rock, all the way through to stoner and groove elements come in track to track truly embracing an attack that contains numerous levels of sounds, tones, and emotions…. Clandestine Transcendence is the second in a planned conceptual trilogy – an almost hour-long odyssey that reflects the growth and understanding to position this quartet at the top of their game.” – Dead Rhetoric

“…a layered, multifaceted album that expands the scope of LORD DYING’s sound… while still retaining the winning elements that made Mysterium Tremendum so captivating…This is a real journey into brutality and beauty; combining massive catchiness with scathing aggression and affecting emotion isn’t easy, but LORD DYING make it seem so.” — Wonderbox Metal

“Clandestine Transcendence stretches far beyond this plane of existence in impressive and expansive fashion, making for LORD DYING’s most comprehensive record to date.” — Meat Mead Metal

“Brutal, bold and beautiful in equal measure, it is a fascinating journey through modern heavy music and one that gets better with every listen. “ – Distorted Sound

“The riffs haven’t gone anywhere—they’re as nasty and burly as ever. But the group’s sense of epic grandeur only continues to expand.” — Treble

From the first moment of single ‘I AM NOTHING I AM EVERYTHING,’ the band’s penchant for spectacle rears its head; isolated drums pulverize like an Acme crate to the cranium, leaving listeners malleable to whatever else LORD DYING throws their way. As burly hardcore gives way to grind with curious ease, and a playful stoner riff bogarts the song’s midsection, I find myself wondering how these disparate moods fit together so smoothly in such a modest (5-minute) runtime…” – Toilet Ov Hell

LORD DYING are going to have a monster year and Clandestine Transcendence will undoubtedly have plenty of staying power. This is the first truly great album of 2024, one that will be talked about ad nauseam over the next 12 months.” – Heavymusic HQ

“The music that LORD DYING creates is unique, and it is not a mere process of agglomeration leading toward an uncertain end. Rather, the compositions are more holistic than that to me – every bit is determined and moving anything around would drastically alter the impact of the finished work. Recommended.” –  Flying Fiddlesticks

Erik Olson – vocals/guitar
Chris Evans – guitar
Alyssa Maucere – bass/vocals
Kevin Swartz – drums