LOCUSTA: Summer Assault To Commence This Weekend

Progressive blackened death metal hellions LOCUSTA are readying to kick off their summer tour tomorrow at the Carabar in their hometown of Columbus, OH. The band will be joined by Tennessee black/doom titans Argentinum Astrum and will run through mid August.

LOCUSTA Summer Assault 2010:
7/10/2010 Carabar – Columbus, OH w/ Argentinum Astrum, Deadsea, Landmine Marathon
7/13/2010 The Olde Chocolate Factory – Chicago, IL w/ Argentinum Astrum, SSGW
7/16/2010 The Cesspool Castle – Joplin, MO w/ Argentinum Astrum, Sick Addiction, Slayground, The Toilet Bombers
7/17/2010 Curtin St. Tavern – Denver, CO w/ Swells, Dendera, I Apparatus
7/18/2010 Lake Recording Service – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Altar Of Plagues, Velnias, Mania, Sub-Rosa
7/20/2010 The Red Room – Boise, ID w/ Argentinum Astrum, TBA
7/21/2010 Arms Irish Pub – Seattle, WA w/ Argentinum Astrum, Streetwalker
7/22/2010 A House at 10128 N.E. Pacific St. – Portland, OR w/ Argentinum Astrum
7/24/2010 Burnt Ramen – Oakland, CA w/ Argentinum Astrum, TBA
7/25/2010 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA w/ Argentinum Astrum, Nihlotep, Pale Chalice
7/28/2010 Taala Hooghan Infoshop – Flagstaff, AZ W/ Argentinum Astrum
7/29/2010 The Trainyard – Las Cruces, NM w/ Argentinum Astrum
7/31/2010 Chopshop – Dallas, TX w/ Argentinum Astrum, Dei Aemeth, Tba
8/01/2010 The Ten Elevem – San Antonio, TX w/ Argentinum Astrum, Hod(Ibex Moon), Tba
8/02/2010 The White Swan – Houston, TX w/ Argentinum Astrum, Anal Punishment, Nibiru, Paranoidfreakout
8/03/2010 House Somewhere – Baton Rouge, LA w/ Argentinum Astrum, Barghest
8/04/2010 The Farside Collective – Tallahassee, FL w/ Argentinum Astrum
8/05/2010 The Pony Pen – Savannah, GA w/ Argentinum Astrum
8/06/2010 Playground – Atlanta, GA w/ Argentinum Astrum
8/07/2010 The Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN w/ Argentinum Astrum

Said LOCUSTA guitarist Dru Silver: “Ready as ever to kick some teeth in on the road with our friends Argentinum Astrum, an unholy bastard child of black and doom, a.k.a. Knoxville’s best kept metal secret. There will be tour shirts available at the merch table, along with all kinds of goodies. We are having trouble with a few holes in our route though, if anyone can help us on any of these days we’d definitely be willing to return the favor in either of our respective cities (i.e. show trade). House shows/parties, BBQs, bar mitzvah’s, whatever; we’re game. Or if there’s already a show happening that we could possibly jump on we’d be willing to share equipment/set times/sell merch to forfeit door money if necessary; anything at this point. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail ( if you think you may be able to help. The dates are below.”

7/11/2010 – Anywhere between/around OH and Chicago IL
7/12/2010 – Anywhere between/around OH and Chicago IL
7/14/2010 – Anywhere between/around Chicago and Joplin MO
7/15/2010 – Anywhere between/around Chicago and Joplin MO
7/19/2010 – Anywhere between/around SLC and Boise ID
7/23/2010 – Anywhere between Portland OR and Oakland CA
7/26/2010 – Los Angeles, CA
7/27/2010 – San Diego, CA
7/30/2010 – Anywhere between/around Las Cruces NM and Dallas TX

LOCUSTA released their debut full-length via Kentucky-based Pragmatic Records upon an unsuspecting underground earlier this year. The 10-track, self-titled offering was recorded/engineered by Brian Simakis at Capital City Studios, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering and features strikingly stark cover art by local artist Stefan Hoza. Formed in the fall of 2006, LOCUSTA take their name from a female chemist from Ancient Rome regarded as the first documented serial killer. It was rumored that in A.D. 54, she may have been hired by Agrippina The Younger to kill the Emperor Claudius, possibly with a poisoned dish of mushrooms. (Check out all the dark fascinating particulars here and

Currently comprised of vocalist Brad Deerhake, guitarists Peter Hughes (Night Soil) and Dru Silver, bassist Scott Hyatt and drummer Simon Tracy, the band’s painstaking DIY sensibility has found them sharing stages with the likes of Coliseum, Skeletonwitch, Finntroll, Demiricous, The Gates of Slumber, Thou and local Columbus metal veterans Deadsea. Said The Athens News in a live review: “LOCUSTA. Why isn’t this band huge? Serious death metal from Columbus who… smote their victims with ease.”

Check out some recent footage of the band at Comfest last month here:

“Earthy, dark and somber are fitting but imperfect descriptors. Combining technical death, progressive and black metal without losing footing is not an easy thing to accomplish … Where some bands might get carried away with a diddly solo or let the drummer blister away at the expense of melody, LOCUSTA have a firm understanding that these parts should serve the aesthetic of the song. What that means is that no matter how drastic a change in pace from one passage of a song to the next, there’s a recognizable pattern weaving through all.” – Metal Review

“The band matches melancholy black metal growling with surprisingly palatable riffs that occasionally rise out of the chaos (check out ‘2012’…)” — Metromix Columbus

“From the depths of Columbus, Ohio true black metal thrashers unleash the energy of sin within their souls to make some of the most evil, gut wrenching contemporary metal possible. “ — Last.FM