LOCRIAN: “Arc Of Extinction” Video From Infinite Dissolution LP Premiered Through NPR

LOCRIAN-0T5A1764 [photo by Jimmy Hubbard]

The first official video from LOCRIAN‘s Infinite Dissolution LP, created for the album’s opening track, “Arc Of Extinction,” is now visible for the first time through an exclusive premiere at NPR.

Leading off the harrowing coalescing of dark ambiance, drone, black metal, post-rock, and power electronics that is Infinite Dissolution, “Arc Of Extinction” builds into shape gradually, slowly morphing from through dissonance to an eventually explosive, monolithic crescendo. Seamlessly melds organic flow into a heavily mechanized delivery, LOCRIAN selected Raymond Salvatore Harmon to create the appropriate video for the track, having enlisted his services on videos for prior albums.

“Raymond Salvatore Harmon has made videos before for us,” issues LOCRIAN. “When we did the album The Crystal World he made a 3D video for ‘At Night’s End’ and it really was a strong piece in the series we did for that whole album. Here the use of optics is glitched and interwoven marring the natural scenes and generating hypnotic visions that decay and show us less of our world and more of our internal state which sits perfectly with the themes not only of the track ‘Arc Of Extinction’ but of the whole album Infinite Dissolution.” Adds Harmon, “I met LOCRIAN just before moving to London and ended up doing a 3D red/blue video for their 2010 album, The Crystal World. When Andre and Terence reached out to do a video and I heard the record I knew instantly what I wanted to do visually. The video was made through compositing layers of glitched interactive 3D objects with shot footage in the wild.”

NPR offers with the premiere for the “Arc Of Extinction” video, “LOCRIAN always wants to show us something new – or at least rearrange the context of what heavy means, or even what sound means. The trio, together for a decade and now based in Chicago and Baltimore, is at the height of its holistic metallic powers on Infinite Dissolution. It’s a record that stretches between the lush prog-rock of Popol Vuh, the industrial noise of Coil and the epic black metal riffing of Darkthrone.”

Immerse yourself in LOCRIAN’s “Arc Of Extinction” video exclusively at NPR at THIS LOCATION.

Celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2015, LOCRIAN delivers their most conceptually complex and textured material to date on Infinite Dissolution, the album issuing the band’s environmentalist views on mankind’s ongoing demise through our own destruction of the planet. Produced by Greg Norman (Pelican, Russian Circles) at Steve Albini-owned/operated Electrical Audio in Chicago, mastered by Brad Boatright (Yob, Author & Punisher, Sleep) at Audiosiege in Portland, and bearing artwork based on an immense physical sculpture installation by David Altmejd, the band’s second album for Relapse Records surges with nearly fifty minutes of tortured yet stunning experimental blackened/noise-soaked industrial originality.

Infinite Dissolution is now available through Relapse Records — the CD and vinyl editions and merch bundles are available HERE, and digital via BandCamp HERE and iTunes HERE.

Also stream the entire Infinite Dissolution LP at Revolver Magazine RIGHT HERE.

In Pitchfork’s 8.2/10 review of Infinite Dissolution, the write-up issues, “LOCRIAN‘s evolution has hinged less on a refinement of their style and more on an expansion of it, so that new influences and impulses operate inside of their general roar. This spirit is obvious from the start of Infinite Dissolution, which exposes facets and folds of LOCRIAN that never before seemed to exist.” Vice Magazine’s music portal, Noisey, states of the album, “With Infinite Dissolution, it seems that LOCRIAN has turned the ‘shit,’ or rather their frustrations and anxieties about the world, into gold. The record’s moods and textures are unequivocally varied, its nine songs carefully paced and arranged for maximum effect. One minute’s unrelenting harshness is the sonic equivalent of having your face scraped across concrete. In the next, the wounds are melted away in atmospheric bliss. Through it all, layers upon layers of sound and field recordings make for even more heightened dimension.” In a 9.5/10 review, Heathen Harvest praises the record: “Like its predecessor, Infinite Dissolution is a further development of LOCRIAN‘s sound and represents a sense of them coming into their own as a band that writes songs rather than just making sounds. It finds them consistently transitioning from their more abstract drone days into a more song-oriented framework, without losing their experimental inclinations. The way that they beautifully weave memorable melodies into passages of dissonant and experimental soundscapes makes for an album that has the complex, captivating depth of an avant-garde record, but with brilliant guitar and drum passages to ground it squarely in the realm of conventional music. One of the greatest albums of 2015, no question.” Steel For Brains states, “…the experimental sound alchemy of LOCRIAN is at times some of the band’s most confrontational work to date. Despite this, the album’s volatility is derived from the same sort of disquiet the band has threaded throughout their ten-year existence. Themes of dissolution, decay, and entropy set against a background equally measured in the duality of abrasive machinery and ethereal atmospherics.” Cvlt Nation also reviewed the album with glowing accolades, including, “Post rock, shoegazey drones and dark ambient soundscapes return from their previous works, but the guitar performances across this album are somehow at the same time more rhythmic and accessible than on previous releases, yet more experimental. Warm moog synth creates a far more organic noise than many of their contemporaries, and droning feedback produces a base that surprisingly accessible guitar riffs dance over, further punctuated by a more prominent, focused vocal performance than ever before…”