LIKE RATS Streams Entire Second LP Via Noisey As Record Nears Release Through Southern Lord This Week

like rats 2016 promo pic [photo by Peter Nelson][photo by Peter Nelson]

The entire II LP, the second album by LIKE RATS – with members of Chicago powerviolence/grinders Weekend Nachos — is now playing in its entirety through Vice’s music channel, Noisey, just days ahead of the album’s release through Southern Lord.

“Whereas the band’s past efforts skewed more towards hardcore, II leans harder into the death metal side of things,” issues Noisey of the limb-mangling new album, continuing, “what makes LIKE RATS great is that they drink from death metal’s many bloody chalices, not just one.” The album stream is paired with an interrogation with bassist/producer Andy Nelson on this faction’s formation and output.

Stream LIKE RATS’ entire II via Noisey at THIS LOCATION.

II is out this Friday, March 25th through Southern Lord on 12″ LP and digital, and on CD; the latter, bearing the title Like Rats, sees the new II album joined by the band’s back-catalog for the first time, bearing twenty-two tracks in total. Preorders options can be found HERE.

Founded by members of Weekend Nachos, the LIKE RATS beatdown is much more heavily influenced by death metal, with generous helpings of caveman swing, with a catastrophic end result one may imagine by crossing the old-school slaughter of Incantation, Celtic Frost and Obituary over with the modern devastation of the likes of Nails, Black Breath and Dead In The Dirt. The band’s II LP surges with their most monstrous material yet, delivering eight new tunes with thirty-three minutes of pure savagery, recorded by bassist Andy Nelson (Dead In the Dirt, Harms Way). BrooklynVegan states, “Calling to mind their contemporaries in Black Breath, Like Rats turn their focus to offering their own furious hardcore-inflected version of the crushing death metal of the likes of Entombed, Obituary, and Death,” and Cvlt Nation proclaims, “Under all of the audio fury that LIKE RATS spit out, you can feel their creepy groove, causing your neck to move nonstop in a head banging motion!”

Several live actions from the LIKE RATS pack have been confirmed with more in the planning stages. Stand by for more from this scourge in the coming weeks.

4/30/2016 Frank’s Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI w/ Disrotted, Northless, Lifes, Owlscry [info]
5/01/2016 Downstairs – Chicago, IL w/ Disrotted, Staring Problem, Mexican Werewolf [info]

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