LED ZEPPELIN 2, the tribute band featuring bassist Chris Klein, drummer Ian Lee, guitarist Paul Kamp and vocalist Bruce Lamont, recently wrapped up a hugely successful North American tour that hit nearly a month’s worth of cities and truly captivated fans with a flawless reenactment of the live improvisation and onstage interaction that earned Led Zeppelin their legendary status in the first place. Rather than a “greatest hits” show, Lamont and co allow fans to experience Zeppelin as Zeppelin would have played in front of an audience. LZ2 sold out venues across the U.S. in 2010 and continued to draw rave reviews for a “spot-on” Zeppelin show, playing deep cuts and classic tracks from the entire catalog, and occasionally entire Led Zeppelin performances from specific dates.

Most widely recognized for his saxophone and vocal work fronting Chicago’s Yakuza, Bruce Lamont has contributed to a plethora of other projects including Bloodiest (featuring members of 90 Day Men, Sterling), Circle of Animals (with Sanford Parker, Minsk/The High Confessions) and Sick Gazelle (with Eric Block and Sanford Parker). He’s also recorded with Sigh, East West Blast Test, Minsk, Nachtmystium, Rabid Rabbit, Brutal Truth, Cephalic Carnage, Sweet Cobra, Locrian, Hex Machine and more.

Commented Lamont of the last round of LED ZEPPELIN 2 dates: “It was an amazing winter run. While every stop was an eye-opener for us, some of the highlights were sold-out shows in first time places like Corpus Christi, Ft. Lauderdale and a massive Austin stop (1200+). San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Portland were also mong our faves (you too Boston, New York and of course sweet home Chicago). We have summer fest dates on the way. Stayed tuned! ”

In recent reviews, Timeout New York called LZ2, “the best Zep band going anywhere.” Timeout Chicago agreed: “There are a lot of Zep tributes out there, but this one’s our favorite, not least because its members fully immerse themselves in the musicianship and style of the four classic-rock heavyweights. That Yakuza howler Bruce Lamont does a mean Robert Plant is icing on the cake.” The Onion commended the band saying, “these imitators get the Led out in a way your battered copy of Physical Graffiti never will, right down to the unearthly tones of guitarist Paul Kamp’s bowed Les Paul solos. Sure, purists are still holding out for the real deal’s tour, but even if that happens, it’s doubtful that Robert Plant can wail the opening lines of ‘Black Dog’ as well as his LED ZEPPELIN 2 counterpart, Bruce Lamont,” while The New Yorker noted: “The band is on its way out of the minor leagues, and is now playing bigger venues for a generation of fans too young to have ever experienced the genuine article.” Even Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is hooked stating simply, “these guys sound fucking exactly like Led Zeppelin!” after seeing their L.A. performance.

LED ZEPPELIN 2 will be announcing a string of summer dates in the coming weeks. Stay tuned….In the meantime, check out some live footage of the band from their Chicago performance in January:

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“…the closest thing to seeing the real Led Zeppelin.” — Dallas Observer

“…such authentic raw flair, the entire crowd bought it, no questions lingering… It was nasty… hard to believe how balls-out fantastic they are.” — Atlanta’s Backstage Beat

“It’s rare for a tribute band to tour across the country, but LED ZEPPELIN 2 are defying the norms… their stage mannerisms were exactly like the real Led Zeppelin… their song selection was perfect… a powerful yet beautiful performance. ” — Metal Assault

“These guys have LZ’s sound down to an artful science, plus the singer–Yakuza’s Bruce Lamont–even keeps his shirt unbuttoned onstage (details are important!). Guitarist Paul Kamp mimics Jimmy Page’s excoriating flourishes with panache, Chris Klein embodies John Paul Jones’ quietly spectacular contributions on bass and keyboards, and drummer Ian Lee replicates Bonzo’s dexterous bludgeoning–and he has a gong.” — Portland Mercury

“Hearing these Zeppelin songs live made me more aware of their true brilliance…all were expertly executed.” — HardRockChick

“Bruce Lamont and Paul Kamp (of Yakuza and Busker Soundcheck fame, respectively) and the killer rhythm section of Ian Lee and Chris Klein bill themselves as LED ZEPPELIN 2, and they do as good a Zep as Zep ever did back in the day.” — The Chicago Sun Times