LAVINIA’s Full Discography Now Available Via Pax Aeternum Digital

Beverly, Massachusetts’ LAVINIA has formally reissued two recordings from their back catalog via Pax Aeternum, now available across all digital service providers worldwide. 2010’s There Is Light Between Us full-length and 2013’s Take Shelter EP now join 2019’s Sallowed at the label, effectively uniting the band’s entire discography under one roof.

Mostly active during the early 10’s, LAVINIA‘s sound is a melancholic, down-tempo brand of melodic compositions that explore themes of distress, depression, failed relationships, and loss across all output. It is the logical continuation of sounds and themes explored via guitarist/singer Nathan Shumaker’s prior bands (The Burning Paris, On Fire, Eksi Ekso) while enlisting friends from those projects and various members of Caspian in the creation and production of songs/albums along the way. There Is Light Between Us, Take Shelter, and Sallowed can now be streamed and downloaded via your favorite sources for portable music on the go.

Stream LAVINIA’s There Is Light Between Us at Bandcamp HERE and Spotify HERE, Take Shelter at Bandcamp HERE and Spotify HERE, and Sallowed at Bandcamp HERE and Spotify HERE.