LANGUISH: Video From Arizona Grinders Playing At Blow The Scene; Preorders For Split LP With ORYX Posted

Languish [photo by Shane Egan][photo by Shane Egan]

A video for the thundering “V” from Tucson, Arizona-based grind outfit, LANGUISH, is now playing through a Blow The Scene premiere, as the band’s split LP with ORYX nears release via Battleground Records. Full of low-end gurgle and percussive devastation, the succinct and brutalizing track is now fitted with visuals fueled by the nuclear fallout of mankind’s recklessness, filmed by Frank Huang of Pit Full Of Shit.

Get shredded by LANGUISH’s “V” at Blow The Scene at THIS LOCATION.

Stream “The Singularity” from the ORYX side of the LP at Cvlt Nation HERE and check scope trailer for the LP HERE.

Produced in the tradition of classic underground split releases of the ’90s where grindcore, powerviolence, punk, crust, sludge, and noise acts paired together, the ORYX/LANGUISH split LP will see release through Battleground Records on April 1st in a run of 300 copies on 180-gram black wax including a digital download. Preorders have been made available right HERE.

LANGUISH was started in early 2014 by drummer Zack Hansen and guitar player Matt Mutterperl of Tucson doom/sludge band North. Sean Mears of Tucson/Phoenix-based Territory and Gatecreeper was brought in for vocals followed by Gatecreeper guitar player Eric Wagner joining in on bass and backup vocals. The group recorded their debut album Extinction with local engineer/producer Ryan Bram (Sex Prisoner, Godhunter, Territory, Prom Body) in November 2014, the record released digitally and on cassette, after which Bram stepped in to play bass after Eric left.