LA CHINGA: Vancouver Riff Rock Unit Releases “Gone Gypsy” Video Through Exclaim!


Vancouver-based riff rock unit LA CHINGA has just issued a new video from their Freewheelin’ full-length released earlier this year through Small Stone Records.

A perfect swansong to the days of Summer for the year, the “Gone Gypsy” video shows the band and their raging entourage throwing a wild bonfire somewhere well off the beaten path. Written and recorded in a single day at the LA CHINGA headquarters, the tune, “is the story of a man who cannot stand still, who feels the pull of the road, the moon in his head and the sea in his veins. He knows he needs to get away and to hell with the consequences…he tries to say he is sorry to those he leaves behind, but his apologies are as thin as his wallet. Merle Haggard called it ‘White Line Fever’ and he was right. It is a sickness that lives in the hearts of many…but few are the ones crazy or brave enough to answer it’s lonesome and wild call.”

Produced and directed by Brian Johnson of Stampede Breakfast Productions, the new video makes its public debut through Exclaim! Magazine, who issues alongside the premiere, “If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to become part of a classic, balls-out rock’n’roll band, hop into a dirty old van from the ’70s, and head out across the country spreading rowdiness wherever you stop, you can vicariously enjoy that sense from the ‘Gone Gypsy’ video. We’re talking bikes and bonfires, stubbies and cut-offs, pyrotechnics, partying, pulp and porn – all of which underlines the head-shattering retro riff worship of LA CHINGA‘s bassist/frontman Carl Spackler, drummer Jay Solyom and guitarist Ben Yardley. There ain’t nothing subtle about this.”

Fire it up with LA CHINGA’s “Gone Gypsy” at Exclaim! at THIS LOCATION.

Offers the band on the video, “Three shaggy haired men lost in the valley on a summer’s day are picked up by a roaming band of strange of Boogie van neer’do’wells and are taken to the secret backwoods compound where the booze, bikes, broads, and Rock begin to flow in ridiculous amounts! As the sun sets the heat begins to rise…and so does the electric riffage! And then the deranged mayhem ensues! Warning! Not for the faint of heart! Pregnant women! Small children! Those with a delicate condition are warned to not watch this high rollin’ low brow goin’ freak fest! The living word in the flesh is presented here on the silver screen! Righteous and loose! Free and easy! Three men unbound, unchained and the pulchritudinous women who love them! LA CHINGA! In ‘Gone Gypsy’.”

Recorded and produced by drummer Jay Solyom in his home studio with the tracks “K. I .W.” and “Right On” captured by Eric Neilson and mastered by Chris Goosman (Acid King, Dixie Witch, Solace, Sasquatch et al), the ten-track Freewheelin’ is available through Small Stone Recordings on CD, digitally and limited vinyl with orders available at THIS LOCATION.