KOSMODEMONIC: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Ipomea” From Brooklyn Black Metal Act; Sanford Parker-Produced Liminal Light Album Nears May Release Via Transylvanian Recordings

BrooklynVegan is currently hosting the exclusive premiere of “Ipomea,” the new single from New York City black metal quartet KOSMODEMONIC. The track is a precursor for the band’s impending second album, Liminal Light, nearing early May release through Transylvanian Recordings.

A doomy black metal band fueled by demon fire, KOSMODEMONIC initially emerged from the creative primordial ooze of the Brooklyn underground, rapidly becoming local favorites. Piece by piece they crafted a sound that fuses the influences of black metal acts like Craft, melodically dissonant elements such as Voivod, and the art doom majesty of Triptykon and Yob. They sought to create a sound that was crushing but maintained a sense of classic metal magic, peppered with touches of krautrock, and psychedelia.

KOSMODEMONIC guitarist/vocalist David Bozzler delves into the new song, “‘Ipomea’ was chosen as the second single because it demonstrates how we incorporated new and varied influences into Liminal Light. One struggle that I’ve had as a heavy music songwriter is striving to strike the balance between capturing the spirit of metal – by maintaining strict stylistic principles – while also trying to push the sound into newer sonic territories that aren’t necessarily so scripted or strictly tied to being ‘metal.’ For Liminal Light, I allowed myself to work with material that was much more melodic, and which wasn’t always tied to underground metal, per se. To my ears, ‘Ipomea”s swarm of bees-like attack hints at my longstanding obsession with Swans (the Jarboe period) as well as my love for the kind of repetition you hear in kraut-rock and drone music.”

Writes BrooklynVegan, “Like on their debut, KOSMODEMONIC make a very appealing mix of doom, black metal, and psychedelia, and ‘Ipomea’ is no exception. It’s a heavy, hypnotic, hauntingly melodic song, one that feels like a kindred spirit of bands like Oranssi Pazuzu and Blut Aus Nord. And like both of those bands, it’s got crossover appeal. If you aren’t really a ‘metalhead’ but you like dark, psychedelic music, don’t sleep on this one.”

Listen to KOSMODEMONIC’s “Ipomea” early only at BrooklynVegan RIGHT HERE.

Liminal Light will see release digitally and on cassette through Oakland-based Transylvanian Recordings on May 7th. Place preorders HERE and see the previously issued lyric video for “Moirai” HERE.

In 2016, KOSMODEMONIC released their thrilling debut, The Inebriating Darkness, a devastating offering that only began to hint at what the group was capable of, which yielded rave attention from the likes of Decibel Magazine and BrooklynVegan. From there, the band embarked on an East Coast tour and even opened for Watain, Kvelertak, and Horrendous, among others.

Now, after years of hard work, KOSMODEMONIC is gearing up to release their new Sanford Parker engineered album, Liminal Light. With a new guitarist in tow and the whole pandemic spent waiting to release the record, Liminal Light is a thrilling offering from the band. It is a marked step up for the project, emphasizing the diversity in the sound and embracing everything from epic prog to thrash metal. The record also features the amazing artwork of Aleksandra Waliszweska. Jeremy Sosville of Sanhedrin and Black Anvil also supplies guest solos on the tracks “Drown In Drone” and “Broken Crown.” Of course, it all stays true to the bands original vision, and makes for an exciting record with lyrics that speak to the horrors of a society that can’t keep up with technological evolution. Liminal Light eagerly builds on past ideas and drives towards exciting futures. The band look forward to once more playing shows and even breaking into the festival circuit once more.

Watch for additional audio previews and news to be issued over the weeks ahead.