KOOL KEITH x THETAN: CVLT Nation Premieres “Hallucinations” Official Video; Space Goretex LP By Bronx Rapper And Nashville Powerviolence Duo Out Now On Anti-Corporate Music

photos by David Brenner

CVLT Nation is hosting the worldwide premiere of the official video for “Hallucinations,” by legendary Bronx-based rapper KOOL KEITH and Nashville powerviolence duo THETAN. The song is one of the keystone tracks of the collaborative Space Goretex LP, released through Anti-Corporate Music in April.

KOOL KEITH x THETAN‘s Space Goretex features guest appearances from members of Gwar, Three 6 Mafia, Dwarves, Lost Dog Street Band, and more. The record was recorded by Dan Emery and Fred Ones, with all post-production and mastering handled by Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Buzzov*en, Lost Dog Street Band, Krieg), and the cover art was handled by Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man, Many Blessings).

The filming for “Hallucinations” took place in Brooklyn in early March, just days before the COVID-19 quarantine rules went into place in New York. THETAN‘s Chad L’Eplattenier and Dan Emery flew to NYC where they connected with KOOL KEITH, as well as David Brenner (Gridfailure), who filmed and directed the video between waves of storms at night on a Bushwick rooftop.

KOOL KEITH reports, “‘Hallucinations video gonna make you forget every fucking thing you’re doing. It’s like a spell. This def gon gain me broader audience.”

THETAN‘s Chad L’Eplattenier offers, “We filmed this video two weeks before everything shut the fuck down and one day after a tornado pummeled our hometown. Regardless of those events, we planned on the video having manic and claustrophobic vibes to it, but it seems more fitting in hindsight. Keith held court on a rooftop with great NYC views. Skillfully dodging the dogshit and broken bottles that were strewn about all over the place, Keith tore through his badass moves like the pro that he is. It was a blast working with him. Many thanks to Ben [Levitt, of Megalophobe] for supplying the rooftop and our eternal gratitude goes out to Dave, as he worked tirelessly arranging everything, and filming and editing a killer video.”

CVLT Nation writes in part, “…I don’t think I’ve ever found another rapper with KOOL KEITH‘s outergalactic lyrical skills and astronomical levels of weirdness… When I heard that he was collaborating with Nashville punks THETAN, I knew that CVLT Nation needed to be the home for it… Go on a trip to the multiverse with KOOL KEITH x THETAN right now…”

Take a trip to 2088 and watch KOOL KEITH x THETAN’s psychedelic official video for “Hallucinations” at THIS LOCATION.

Space Goretex is out now on CD, LP, cassette, and all digital providers with merch options and more available at Anti-Corporate Music HERE.

Following their liaison for the “Complicated Trip” Record Store Day 2019 single, KOOL KEITH and THETAN present the fully collaborative Space Goretex LP. Highlighting the artist’s singular lyrical attack, Space Goretex is the first album combining all of KOOL KEITH‘s primary personas – Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, and Black Elvis. The instrumentation is primarily comprised of bass, drums, theremin, and synth, performed by THETAN‘s Chad L’Eplattenier and Dan Emery.

Space Goretex features special guest appearances, including Gangsta Boo (Three 6 Mafia) who performs as Officer Lola. Casey Orr (Gwar, X-Cops) appears as his X-Cops character Sheriff Tubb Tucker, marking the first time he has recorded anything as this character since 1996. Blag Dahlia from the Dwarves provides a monologue alongside Ashley Mae of Lost Dog Street Band and DJ Black Cat Sylvester, inventor of the Synth-Table. Blowfly’s right-hand man Uncle Tom Bowker also makes an appearance.