KÓLGA: Metal Injection Premieres “Riptide” From Blackened Surf Rock Collective Featuring Current/Former Members Of Dead To A Dying World, Sabbath Assembly, Wrekmeister Harmonies, And More; Black Tides Full-Length Nears Release

Photo by Kathleen Kennedy Magruder

Metal Injection is currently streaming “Riptide,” the latest single from blackened surf rock/nautical horror collective, KÓLGA. The track comes off the band’s Black Tides full-length, set for release on March 29th via Otitis Media Records.

Harken and remember! Aquatic thunder and reverberations of a droning, eldritch phosphorescence beguile the senses. Staccato strings accentuate rhythmic inundations that harken back to a primal rock and roll essence. Imbued throughout with a darkly absurdist wit and elements of black metal, behold KÓLGA!

Formed in 2018 by the sentient mutated husks of subgenii members of Dead To A Dying World, Spazm 151, Akkolyte, Cleric, Tyrannosorceress, Damage Case, Sabbath Assembly, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Unconscious Collective, and other innumerable projects of varying clandestine popularities, KÓLGA has forged from the immense cataclysmic pressures of the lower depths a new genre for all the world to witness and tremble: blackened surf rock.

Comments lead guitarist/vocalist Jason Mullins on the band’s “Riptide” single, “A vertiginous descent into the blackest depths. Pulled under by raging waters and dragged across beds of corral to perish in the blackest trenches below.”

Writes Metal Injection, “The warm weather is slowly but surely dawning on us… but you can still be grim while sporting a Hawaiian shirt, thanks to this new KÓLGA track.”

Stream KÓLGA’s “Riptide,” courtesy of Metal Injection, HERE.

KÓLGA’s Black Tides was engineered and produced by Billy Anderson, mastered by Justin Weiss, and comes swathed in the cover artwork of Joseph Harmon. The record will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats.

Find exclusive Wax Mage vinyl only available at the Otitis Media Records webshop HERE. Find CD, digital, and assorted vinyl preorders at the KÓLGA Bandcamp page HERE, where first single, “Space Beach Massacre” can be streamed.

Black Tides Track Listing:

  1. Space Beach Massacre
  2. Squall Of Cthulhu
  3. Tethys
  4. Riptide
  5. Endless Bummer
  6. Is This Real?
  7. The Kraken

“Black Tides rips through seven tunes in under half an hour with simple, grooving themes filled out by theremin, synth, waterphone, lots of percussion and lots of banging. It’s essentially an instrumental album (grumbles and howls are partially submerged under the tide) and a right clever gimmick, but it’s more than that. While Ventures-adjacent riffs dominate, the band… brings knowledge to the beach. There’s moments of shruti-tinged Sci-Fi, some straight scorching melodic death metal and even (to these non-surfing ears) some early Alice Cooper influence. Summer will be here sooner than you know it, and KÓLGA will be here to destroy it.” – The Red Hook Star Revue

Jason Mullins – lead guitar, vocals, theremin, claps
James Magruder – guitar, castanets, auxiliary waterphone, claps
Jacob Price – synthesizer, organ, claps
Zach Jobin – drums, gongs, glockenspiel, guiro, tambourine, samples, claps
Aaron Gonzalez – bass guitar, gongs, waterphone, claps