KHORS: New Track Stream Available Via Decibel’s Deciblog

The mighty Deciblog is currently streaming “Asgard’s Shining,” the third track from KHORS’ latest full-length, Return To Abandoned, released via Paragon Records. On their fourth long player, the Ukrainian black metal horde yield the harsher, brooding sounds of earlier works whilst mixing in the melancholy and atmosphere of 2008’s unsung blackened gem, Mysticism. Said bassist Khorus of the tune, “The main theme of ‘Asgard’s Shining’ is the attraction of ancient mythical kingdom the Asgard; its majesty and power.”

Check out “Asgard’s Shining” HERE.

“One gets the impression that the members of KHORS were driven by forces beyond their control and were unable to alter or impede the writing process until said forces decided the album was complete.” — Blabbermouth

“Khors is one of the better prospects on the atmospheric black metal front in recent memory. Because they operate without the mindless and oft-overbearing sense of predominance and overt “epic-ness” their contemporaries do, Khors should easily be able to build upon Return to Abandoned. There’s a lot to digest here, and there’s something for everyone. Even you, the ever-hard-to-please BM basement dweller.” — Blistering

“If you are looking for a heavyset dose of blackened, progressive heathenism you will find no fault here.” — Metal Team UK