KAVYK: Louisiana-Based Black Metal Legion Unleash Futility Worship; EP Out Now And Streaming + Lyric Video Available

“…dissonant, grim, and sludgy…strange, mercurial, and ominous…” — No Clean Singing

Futility Worship is the latest EP from Louisiana-based black metal legion KAVYK. Featuring members of Suspended Obscurity, Celestial Mechanics, Withering Light, Legions Of Hoar Frost, and In Medias Res, the two-track follow-up to the band’s Hymns And Hollow Words debut was captured by David Troia (Down, Warbeast, Gristnam, Arson Anthem, Haarp) at Balance Productions in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Expounds No Clean Singing of opening track “Everyting Wilts,” It’s a nightmarish track, unsettling on multiple levels, that combines elements of black metal, progressive metal, and atmospheric doom. It’s dissonant, grim, and sludgy, and it’s strange, mercurial, and ominous. There’s an active, bubbling bass in the song, and drum rhythms that are unpredictable. The guitar grinding and bludgeoning rhythms are very heavy, and the vocal rasps and howls are mind-scarring. It also includes a shimmering melody that’s haunting, to the point of stiffening the hairs on the back of your neck – a sorcerous bit of sinister spellcasting in a song that ratchets the tension, and relieves it only with visions of stalking shadows.”

Futility Worship is out now on CD and digital formats at THIS LOCATION where both tracks are streaming.

View KAVYK’s previously-released lyric video for “Everything Wilts” below.

Futility Worship Track Listing:
1. Everything Wilts
2. Futility Worship

Combining elements from varying realms of extreme music, KAVYK has amassed a sound and style that resonates with all facets of human emotion. From the atmospheric and haunting melodies, to crushing riffs, the genesis of the project has always been to create art that is ever-changing, unrelenting, and unpredictable. Forged in 2014 from the remnants of several projects from the Louisiana music scene, KAVYK consists of Troy Bennett, Max Kimmons, AJ Martinez, and Brian Eiermann. Over the past four years, the band has honed its compositions, performed across the southern United States, and recorded uncompromising extreme metal on their own terms. This project has become a focal point of creation for the band members; each member contributing to the unique sound that is KAVYK.