KARDASHEV: Arizona Deathgaze Outfit To Host Gimme Metal Guest DJ Special TODAY; Liminal Rite Full-Length Out Now On Metal Blade Records

Tempe, Arizona-based deathgaze practitioners KARDASHEV, will host a Gimme Metal guest DJ special TODAY Tuesday, August 9th at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET.

Tune in and join the chat at https://gimmemetal.com/#/shows/1319/archive.

KARDASHEV released their latest studio recording, Liminal Rite, on Metal Blade Records in June. Arguably the leading proprietors when it comes to the niche deathgaze genre, KARDASHEV has, since inception, manifested a distinct combination of death metal, shoegaze, and other flavors, evolving with every release. Liminal Rite further pushes the boundaries, delivering an offering that is as ruthlessly heavy as it is delicate and fragile boasting eleven deeply rousing, poignant, and musically grandiose tracks. Opening with the gorgeous drones of “The Approaching Of Atonement” before launching into the densely layered, surging “Silvered Shadows,” an air of tragedy looms over much of the record’s proceedings demanding an emotional response at every musical turn.

Liminal Rite is available on CD, LP and digital formats. Preview and purchase the record at metalblade.com/kardashev.

View KARDASHEV’s previously released video for “Compost Grave-Song” HERE and “Glass Phantoms” video HERE.

With drums tracked at drummer Sean Lang’s home studio, KARDASHEV returned to Endless Gate Audio in Arizona to track guitar, bass, and vocals. They later gathered at The Sound Lair in Tennessee — the first time this lineup has ever been in the same room together — to work with producer/mixer Miah Lajeunesse. The album was mastered by Ryan Williams. The band also brought in Bohren & Der Club Of Gore’s saxophonist Christoph Clöser to add an extra flavor to haunting, epic closer “Beyond The Passage Of Embers.” Additionally, Christopher Blaney added some piano parts alongside those of bassist Alex Rieth. The members also pushed themselves into new territory: Garrett recorded his own vocal harmonies rather than relying on a vocoder as on previous releases, Rieth recorded some piano parts, and Lang penned and recorded the spoken word story that haunts the record. The album comes cloaked in the cover art of Faith Veloro.

Forged in 2012, KARDASHEV’s mission statement could best be described as, “Attempting to create the most beautiful, heavy music through themes of love, loss, and altruism in the metal spectrum.” The band dropped their debut full-length Peripety in 2015 and have since focused on short form concept records, most recently 2021’s stirring The Baring Of Shadows. Rarely approaching the creation of a record with any preconceptions or plans as to what form it will take, they work until what they generally envisaged manifests itself.

“Proponents of ‘deathgaze’, they mix death, black and post-metal, shoegaze and ambient into an intoxicating brew that is muscular and violent while graceful and almost painfully beautiful, reference points showing here and there but impossible to pigeonhole… There really is no overselling how good Liminal Rite is, and how much it stands out from the crowd. This is a record in which to lose yourself. 5/5” – Kerrang!

“Liminal Rite is an album unlike any I’ve heard before. KARDASHEV combines familiar elements in an unfamiliar way and really the only band than comes close to this is Ne Obliviscaris, but these guys embrace Ocean-like slow passages more. This record is fucking sick.” – Metal Injection

“…an emotional odyssey of a masterpiece that will be endlessly discussed for years, even decades from now alongside other landmark metal albums.” – Everything Is Noise

“…a contender for AOTY for sure. Liminal Rite is both one of the most brutal and aggressive metal albums you have heard this year, but also one of the most sublime. 10/10” – Metal Temple

KARDASHEV haven’t abandoned their ruthless side, being able to incorporate it into an unhurried pace on songs like ‘A Vagabond’s Lament’ and ‘Beyond The Passage Of Embers.’ These two close the album with a spectacular creative statement that signifies the legitimacy of the band’s ‘deathgaze’ style.” – Heavy Music HQ

“One moment you find yourself in a tranquil trance, the next your ears are pulverized with viciously biting brutality…The album ranges from solemn to uplifting, light to heavy and plenty of impressive musicianship to hold it all together. 9/10” – Ghost Cult

“…amazing upon first listen. Mark’s vocals are bone chilling and the writing is spot-on.” – Sputnik Music

“…an exceptional release for its incredible music that tells a story.” — MXDWN

“…heart-wrenchingly beautiful and practically flawless from start to finish…” — Angry Metal Guy

“…evocative, gripping, and often quite tear-jerking…” – Noob Heavy

Nico Mirolla – guitars
Mark Garrett – vocals
Alex Rieth – bass
Sean Lang – drums