JASON BLAKE: Radiant Dusk Instrumental Solo Album From Chicago Warr Guitarist Out Today; Song From Slightly Different Paths Companion Album Featuring Drummer Amery Schmeisser + 2xCD Preorders Posted

photos by Cristina Rivas

“…beautifully constructed… The world needs more Warr guitar.” – Metal Injection

Radiant Dusk, the intricate instrumental solo album from Chicago-based progressive Warr guitarist JASON BLAKE, is out today. In addition, details for the adjoined companion record, Slightly Different Paths, have been revealed, including the song “An Errant Pawn” from that album and preorders for the double-disc CD package containing both records.

Through both his playing in progressive/instrumental trio Aziola Cry and his own solo work, JASON BLAKE has been establishing himself as one of the most distinguished technicians on the Warr guitar; a unique twelve-string instrument incorporating the range of a guitar and bass that is played by tapping the strings in a touchstyle technique. Through a rapidly prolific succession of varied records in recent years, JASON BLAKE been building an impressive resume as a solo artist, pushing the boundaries of the Warr while incorporating elements of progressive rock, ambient, classical, and more.

Now, JASON BLAKE returns with his most intimate album to date with Radiant Dusk and its companion album, Slightly Different Paths. BLAKE used his semi-hollow Artisan Warr guitar on these recordings to give them an “acoustic” sound. The ten-song Radiant Dusk and its six-song companion Slightly Different Paths – which sees him joined by drummer Amery Schmeisser – were recorded, mixed, and mastered in Chicago at Gravel Road Recording by Schmeisser. Longtime collaborator Hajo Mueller (Steven Wilson, Mariusz Duda) completed the beautiful artwork for both releases, which are now being released as a 2xCD package.

Radiant Dusk sees its digital release today, while the details of Slightly Different Paths and a new single from that album, “An Errant Pawn,” have also been issued. BLAKE states on this apex of albums, “As I was recording the material for Radiant Dusk, the idea kept coming up that some of these songs would sound great with drums. The studio that I record at is run by a drummer named Amery Schmeisser so we decided to try adding drums to a song. We had so much fun that one turned to two turned to three until we had enough material for what felt like a companion EP. In order to make the companion album unique, we added a song only found therein. That became the title track, ‘Slightly Different Paths.’”

He continues, “The song, ‘An Errant Pawn,’ is a great example of what this companion EP is all about. The song combines the two different worlds of this album. One part is melodic and very different sounding from what I typically write while the other part is very progressive with rhythmic variations similar to what I compose for Aziola Cry.”

Check out JASON BLAKE’s Bandcamp page where Radiant Dusk is now available and “An Errant Pawn” from Slightly Different Paths can be streamed RIGHT HERE.

Radiant Dusk is out today, and Slightly Different Paths will be released November 17th, at which time the 2xCD package containing both albums will be released. Find Radiant Dusk digitally, digital preorders for Slightly Different Paths, and preorders for the Radiant Dusk/Slightly Different Paths 2xCD at Bandcamp HERE. Also watch the video for the Radiant Dusk track “Without A Murmur” HERE.

Watch for additional previews of Slightly Different Paths to drop over the weeks ahead.