INTEGRITY: 20th Anniversary Edition Of Humanity Is The Devil Unleashed At No Clean Singing; CD Out This Week

Integrity-Humanity-Warped [photo by Tina Brugnoletti][photo by Tina Brugnoletti]

Memorializing one of the most iconic releases of the groundbreaking 1990s metallic hardcore revolution, Magic Bullet Records prepares to release the Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster from end-time prophets, INTEGRITY, later this week, and the entire record is now writhing its way into the airwaves early through an exclusive at No Clean Singing.

To celebrate the enduring impact of the album, the special remixed and remastered 20th anniversary version of Humanity Is The Devil has been created. Painstakingly mixed by Joel Grind, under guidance from INTEGRITY guitarist Aaron Melnick and vocalist Dwid Hellion, and mastered by Brad Boatwright — both at Audiosiege — the 2015 treatment of this epic recording do the album even more sonic justice and fidelity than was remotely possible in 1995. The result is an even wilder and somehow more visceral experience from start to finish, an album that still stands head and shoulders above anything else. The Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster features an updated treatment of Pushead’s iconic album cover, a new painting from visual artist Josh Bayer, complete lyrics from Hellion, an updated narration from Hellion himself on the album’s final track, and much more.

INTEGRITY‘s Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster today sees a special early premiere through No Clean Singing, the webzine offering, “Hellion’s voice is a pure red fury… Aaron Melnick’s riffs and leads range from pneumatic blunt force trauma to slow, soulful, and bluesy metal to adrenaline-surging speedfests, and the melodies that often ooze from the music are downright dark, doomed, and poisonous.” The review continues, “And this is a multi-faceted and even experimental album. No two tracks are alike. It’s as if the band were spreading their wings, seeing how far they could take themselves from where they started without completely breaking the tether. They found new territories for sure. Though the trails they blazed have been explored by many others since the original release, Humanity… remains to this day a fascinating and potent piece of art, well-deserving of this updated anniversary release.”

Hear INTEGRITY’s re-envisioned Humanity Is The Devil at No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE.

The Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster sees CD and digital release through Magic Bullet Records this Friday, October 30th, 2015. Digital preorders are available HERE and physical orders will be made available HERE. A reissue of the band’s Den Of Iniquity rare tracks collection will also be released the same day.

INTEGRITY‘s landmark Humanity Is The Devil has long been regarded as the album that completely turned both hardcore and metal on its head. Released in 1995, the recording initially sent a mammoth shockwave through the underground, as the band had crafted a proprietary sound wherein metal and hardcore had simply not been fused before. Phrases like “metallic hardcore” and “metalcore” came into prominence within the popular lexicon only after everyone heard what INTEGRITY was doing on this album in particular. Further, singer Dwid Hellion’s foray into much darker, psychological depths lyrically served to raise the bar and open the floodgates for countless others to break away from the trappings of traditional hardcore and metal fodder. To describe Humanity Is The Devil as seminal both in the band’s career and the metallic hardcore genre on the whole would only serve to yield a “yeah, no shit” out of anyone who lived through it at the time.