INDEX FOR POTENTIAL SUICIDE: LP From Y2K-Era South Carolina Powerviolence/Screamo Act To See Vinyl Reissue

Y2K… the turn of the millennium… the end of all things as we know it… or so they said. And while “they” were full of shit, the bands of those days preached the endtime message like no other era in history, and some of the most savage, genre-crossing, purveyance of extreme music took place in those days of the late 1990s.

One of the most chaotic acts to hail from South Carolina, ever, was Charleston-based INDEX FOR POTENTIAL SUICIDE. The band was born in the swampass Summer of 1998 and saw its demise only a year-and-a-half later, yet within such a limited existence, undoubtedly left an impressive set of lashes on the underground scene far beyond their own locale. Their static-soaked riffage embodying hardcore, powerviolence, screamo and experimental/noise elements all at once could feasibly be compared to Pageninetynine, In/Humanity, Acme, Discordance Axis, The Locust, Man Is The Bastard, Throbbing Gristle and Rorschach, sometimes in the same minute-long track. Amidst incessant regional gigs and several tours, the band quickly amassed an impressive arsenal of recordings in their brief stint as a unit, including one 7″ EP, a split 7″ with Usurp Synapse, and one brutalizing LP aptly entitled The Newest Youth Rebellion.

Brutal and uncompromising, and ahead of its time, The Newest Youth Rebellion was recorded at the legendary Jam Room Studio by Jay Matheson and mastered by Neil Burke (Men’s Recovery Project, Sinking Body, Born Against), and was issued on CD by OHEV in late 1999, just weeks before the band’s demise. Crushing fucking heads with sixteen disturbing works in just over twenty-six minutes, and featuring contributions from Jay Matheson, Neil Burke and Eric Wood (Bastard Noise/Man is the Bastard), the album drew fans and journalists of all things chaotic and extreme like moths to a fire, succumbed by the numbing insanity of the band’s breakneck arts. TNYR saw a posthumous vinyl release in early 2001 on Insolito Records, and has since been out-of-print. Until now.

This Autumn, founding INDEX FOR POTENTIAL SUICIDE member Christopher Ashley will resurrect The Newest Youth Rebellion through a limited deluxe vinyl reissue via his own DIY label, Foreign Sounds. Boasting new/updated artwork by Ashley, entertaining new liner notes on the band’s lineage, a remake of the original poster and a digital download card, the 2013 version will see release in a strict run of 400 copies on November 11th.

The Newest Youth Rebellion Track Listing:
1. The Newest Youth Rebellion
2. Flavor of the Month
3. Remote Controls & Mousepads
4. Eat Lightning, Crap Thunder
5. Global Injustice (featuring Eric Wood)
6. Rock Out With Your Cock Out
7. Arriving at Suicide
8. Escape Unsuccessful
9. Death Toll Confirmed
10. Electronics, Sabotage & Surveillance
11. Escape from Uncle Bill’s Lap
12. The Nine Envelopes’ Contents
13. How to Build a Silencer for a Semi-Automatic Weapon
14. Monoroid Manipulation (featuring Neil Burke)
15. Silencer, Completed
16. 212, Fuck You