INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE: New LP Out Now And Streaming via Rock-A-Rolla

Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift — the third, explosive LP from Italian riffmanglers INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE — is out this week worldwide via Supernatural Cat. In honor of the diverse, damaging new album’s release onto thrill-seeking audiophiles this week, Rock-A-Rolla Magazine is streaming Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift in its entirety via their official website AT THIS LOCATION.

Showcasing the progressively-charged act’s unique methodological bombast with nearly 50 minutes of unclassifiable aggro-technical metallic thunder, even more focused yet equally as potent as their previous releases, Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift is an album that elevates the name INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE from the cult depths they’ve roamed over recent years, its laser-induced riffs and neck-snapping time signatures will brand the name of the band into the brains of all who endure the journey of the ten tracks on the LP. Orders for the album can be placed via the Supernatural Cat Store RIGHT HERE.

ICO have recently returned from a crushing European tour alongside their companions in Ufomammut, and are preparing for more live attacks in the months ahead.

“The band have taken a major stylistic leap forward…the many layers and countless twists and turns making for a dense but enthralling listen…they have to be commended for their skill and vision here.” – Rock A Rolla

“…jammed ear to rear with quirky time changes, intrepid riffing, and heavy bullishness, making it a contemporary yet progressive blend of math rock, hardcore, and sludge.” – Broken Beard

“This is a record for those who like a bit of technicality with their blunt, forceful riffage, there’s enough going on here to warrant a heft of repeated listens, investigate for a challenging and satisfying listen.” – Ninehertz

“This is a record that is enormously demanding in terms of your attention: it bellows at you to stop what you’re doing and invest time with it from aggressive beginning to monolithic end.” – This Is Not A Scene