ILLDISPOSED: Stateside Release Of Twelfth Album From Danish Deathsquad Closes In

Following its dominant European release this week, Denmark’s leading death metal merchants ILLDISPOSED will disburse their newest album Sense The Darkness into the North American population on October 16th via Massacre Records.

A band which slams into the Danish charts with each release, in 2012 ILLDISPOSED have reinvented themselves once again with their most brutal and straightforward album since 2008’s The Prestige. The band’s impressive twelfth studio full-length Sense The Darkness is all about uncompromising, groove-laden, contemporary death metal. Their raw, low-end sound thunders with ultra-slick production courtesy of engineer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Heaven Shall Burn, Sick Of It All) at his Antfarm Studio, boasting nearly an hour of punishing new material.

Get a cruel sampling of the album with the track “Eyes Popping Out,” view the over artwork created by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie of Mnemic and more below.

Sense The Darkness Track Listing:
1. Sense The Darkness
2. Eyes Popping Out
3. Time To Dominate
4. Never Compromise
5. Stop Running
6. I Am Possessed
7. Too Blind To See
8. The Poison
9. Another Kingdom Dead
10. She’s Undressed
11. We Do This Alone