HUMOURS: Noisey Streaming The Onanist From Portland Quartet; Debut EP Out Now On Eolian Empire

Out now on the Eolian Empire is the debut from Portland-based HUMOURS, in the form of The Onanist EP. Noisey is now playing the whole EP, offering twenty minutes of unadulterated gratification at just an arm’s reach away.

Featuring members of 1939 Ensemble and engineer extraordinaire, Fester (Rabbits, Honduran, Usnea, Stoneburner), HUMOURS strips Crimsonesque prog to its stark elements and fuses it with the energy and abandon of Jawbox, Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu, flitting through complex movements with a mastery of dynamics and accented by strong, melodic vocals. The fascinating compulsion manifested is a technical, visceral, future look at rock for new and old-schoolers alike.Recorded and produced by Fester and the band at his Haywire Studios and with appropriately deployed cover art by Matt Stikker, the angle on The Onanist is Drive Like King Crimson; HUMOURS deploying post-hardcore prog, yet less mathy math rock, wherein the songs are still songs not wackoff seshes. The band’s ultra-tight delivery mangles composed, serene wanderings with dementia-enshrouded rampages in seemingly equal doses, seamlessly dragging together influences in from dynamic ’70s progressive acts and blown-out ’90s post-hardcore.

Noisey has put HUMOURS’ filthy deeds on display, playing The Onanist in its entirety, offering in part, “The Onanist fuses muscular post-punk, mood-shifting, mountainous prog, and melodic vocals into a thick, dynamic mass.” Crank it, RIGHT HERE.

The Onanist is available for preorder digitally and in a limited run cassette with download card via the Eolian Empire HERE.

The HUMOURS bros are also heavy into the process of erecting the jams which will become their debut LP, which Eolian will wrap-up for release this Fall. Stand by for more on that along with more tour updates from the band in the coming weeks.

“Taking jazz-like construction to their rock and burning the candle on both the punk side and the krautrock side, this group successfully refines a style that feels innovate, fresh and uniquely their own, even if you get thoughts of King Crimson, Big Black and June of 44 simultaneously pouring out of your mind.” – Selective Memory