HULL’s Viking Funeral EP Streaming In Its Entirety Via Decibel Magazine

HULL’s crushing Viking Funeral EP is currently streaming in its entirety via Decibel Magazine’s recently relaunched website. The unsung, 16-plus minute EP was initially self-released by the Brooklyn-based, three-guitar led sludge metal collective back in 2007 — their first official recording. It comes hand numbered/crafted with stunning artwork by Jorden Haley [], available in poster format for purchase via the band directly at:

Said the band of the recording: “Viking Funeral is a two-movement EP that focuses on the life of war and struggle of an antiquated culture…This EP will eventually be part of a full-length album that touches on life, death and afterlife in the Viking mythology.”

To check out Viking Funeral, visit:

HULL released their debut full-length, Sole Lord, via The End Records in 2009. The band is currently working on their follow-up with co-producer Brett Romnes, who played drums on the Viking Funeral EP. Further details to be announced shortly.

“Vocals growl, roar, soar, decry and chorus. Guitars flow like quicksilver, bathe the ears with limpid pools of notes, harmonize like Lizzy and doom out like Neurosis.” — The Sleeping Shaman

“They’re one of our most favoritist local NYC bands, and we’ve been telling you shitheads to check them out for-ever.” — MetalSucks

“Each song is a deliberate composition ranging from methodical to chaotic. A lot of time and care went into writing each track and the band have decided to avoid playing a specific style of music altogether. They play their brand of metal experimenting with classic rock, thrash metal and even some orchestral parts.” — Metal Life