HONDURAN: Powerviolence Trio Displays Their Landscaping Skills In New Video Now Playing At Revolver

Portland’s facewasting powerviolence/sludge combo, HONDURAN, apparently knows how to do a bit more than just bust out bruising tunes and get hammered, the trio showcasing their master landscaping talents in the new video for their “Yawnmower” anthem. Pulled from the group’s debut LP, Street Eagles, viciously set loose via the Eolian Empire this Summer, the visual interpretation of one of the album’s slower, lovemaking moments, was written and directed by Adam Cornelius, who also directed labelmates Diesto’s recently unveiled “Edge of the World” video.

So strip out of those gardening gloves and pour yourself a lemonade — next to four shots of meth-barrel-aged bourbon syrup and a blanket soaked in mescaline — and get your “Yawnmower” fired up at Revolver RIGHT HERE.

Get your Street Eagles fix at Portland-based D.I.Y. via 180-gram vinyl and digital download HERE.

A dark, dangerous trip through Rip City, Street Eagles is a labyrinth of blasted beats, chunked-up chug-a-lugs, and warrior cries with nary a solo in sight; all meat and bone. The recording by Fester (Rabbits, Nux Vomica, Knelt Rote) at Haywire Studios in Portland captures HONDURAN bludgeoning their respective instruments like drugged-up gorillas attacking oversized speedbags and resulting in the sound of a condemned nuclear power plant being razed by a crew of drunken grenadiers, the band’s pummeling dirge of filthy, noise-molested powerviolence is exemplified with the grace of battleship bumper cars. Experience a brutal, sonic bludgeoning in all its fine detail! Riff after riff of palm-muted madness and finger-clicking bass over a volatile bed of beats both lightning fast and super slow from three twisted technicians down in the frontline trenches.