HONDURAN: Portland Powerviolence Pushers Pimp New Product Via Eolian Empire

Speed-bludgeoning all in earshot with a pummeling powerviolence filthdirge of monstrous proportions, the Portland-based Eolian Empire will yield Street Eagles, the new LP from local trio HONDURAN in the coming weeks.

Street Eagles is a dark, dangerous trip through Rip City: a labyrinth of blasted beats, chunked-up chug-a-lugs, and warrior cries–with nary a solo in sight, all meat and bone. The recording by Fester (Rabbits, Nux Vomica, Knelt Rote) at Haywire Studios in Portland captures the band clear, heavy, and sick like never before. Experience a brutal sonic bludgeoning in all its fine detail! Riff after riff of palm-muted madness and finger-clicking bass over a volatile bed of beats both lightning fast and super slow from three twisted technicians way down in the frontline trenches. When you finally emerge from your rites of initiation –battered, bruised, beaten down — you too will be a shitizen of HONDURAN.

Be a good “Shitizen” and get your HONDURAN hankering fixed up at Cvlt Nation, who confirms the track is “great piece of audio destruction” RIGHT HERE.

The shit gets real on July 30th when the Eolian deviants drop that sonofabitch via 180-gram LP and digital.

HONDURAN played their first show in early 2009, and have since been continually and meticulously honing their new-math ground-the-fuck-out hardcore, destroying hearts and minds all along the way with their merciless live executions in dirty basements and backstreet clubs. They released their debut LP, Language & Violence, in 2009, followed later by a split 7″ and self-titled 4-song 7″. The 11-song, 21-minute Street Eagles LP is their first release for Portland outsider D.I.Y. label and “heavy vibes” merchants Eolian Empire. For us, HONDURAN is like a brutal, breakneck-speed but grooved-out trip through our favorite old-school hardcore (Cro Mags, Burn, Inside Out) and early, odd-time Helmet and Prong noise-rock-slash-industrial metal maxed out and ground into a thick paste polluted with big chunks of Napalm Death grind, Spazz-y powerviolence, and Bay Area thrash… a relentless race against time of brutal hardcore, violent grind, damaged noise rock, fuckered-sludge, and breakdowns, breakdowns, breakdowns. But we’re pretty old and don’t know shit.

6/26/2013 The Know – Portland, OR w/ The Reality Show
7/18/2013 Slabtown – Portland, OR w/ ACxDC, Raw Nerves
7/27/2013 Best Friends Only – Sequim, WA w/ MassGrave, Blood Of Kings

Street Eagles Track Listing:
1. Never Forget (Ben Bratt)
2. Shitizen
3. Pregnant Skeletons
4. Burnt Vestry
5. Yawnmower
6. The Corpse
7. K-9
8. Hiding from the Idiots
9. First World Problems
10. Street Eagles
11. Stampeded by Fear

Jason Dinges – guitar/vocals
Corey Dieckman – bass/vocals
Kevin Spafford – drums