HOD: Texas Blackened Death Horde Unleash New Ode Of Iniquity Via Skulls ‘n’ Bones; Book Of The Worm Release Day Looms

With the official detonation of HOD‘s long-anticipated Book Of the Worm full-length now less than one week away, today the crypt keepers at Skulls ‘N’ Bones vomit forth “Den Of Wolves” from the San Antonia blackened death deviants.

Elaborates the band, “When you have nowhere left to run, you know you’re in the den of wolves. Claws slash your skin, teeth rip your limbs, and the wolves feast on your guts! The wolves hunt without mercy. Violence is the menu, and death is the dessert!”

Adds Skulls ‘N’ Bones, “These blackened death metallers from Texas are quoted as saying that they are creating, ‘what the world needs and fears the most; REAL FUCKING METAL! and this album absolutely proves that. These eight songs are a no-nonsense and violent attack on all of your senses, that leave you breathless by the end… This is straight forward metal at its finest, and one that should bring this band the respect that they truly deserve.”

Let the wolves feast at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, celebrate true malevolence with “Where Are The Demons” still streaming at Revolver at THIS LOCATION and well as “Through the Gates (They Come For Me)” currently playing at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

Produced by Dennis Munoz (Solstice), Book Of The Worm features the recording lineup of guitarist Necron, vocalist Vladibeer Reebs, bassist T.A. and former drummer Dennis Sanders and boasts eight infernal odes of filth, decadence and global suffering with artwork by the masterful Jon Zig (Averse Sefira, Deeds of Flesh, Pyrexia).

In related news, HOD will possess the souls of the weak with a handful of onstage infiltrations with additional live takeovers to be announced in the weeks to come. See confirmed dates below.

9/19/2014 The Curtain Club @ Embrace the Darkness Fest #2 – Dallas, TX w/ Sardonic Witchery, Witchaven, Vesperian Sorrow, Steel Bearing Hand
9/20/2014 Limelight – San Antonio, TX w/ Sardonic Witchery, Witchaven, Morgengrau, more
11/15/2014 Limelight – San Antonio, TX w/ Imprecation, Weaponizer, Ritual Decay, Sardonic Witchery, Khringe, Preteen Deathfuck

Book Of The Worm will be unleashed on September 9th, 2014 via Arctic Music. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

“Full of fire and low on mercy, Book Of The Worm is a breakneck listening experience.” – Dead Rhetoric

“A smorgasbord of riffs and double bass destruction.” – Metal Underground

“… this five-piece attacks with as much Napalm Death as Dark Funeral. Sure, there’s Scandinavian influence dripping off of the riffs like the mold dripping off of that towel you’ve had in front of your shower for the past month, but the rhythm section is straight outta wherever the fuck grindcore comes from.” – Last Rites

“…death metal for people who want the blood and guts of the sound, rather than the glossy veneer that the larger labels have perpetrated since Roadrunner liquidated their original roster. No frills is good frills when it comes to this kind of work, and HOD makes up for it with brawler bravado that demands respect. The Texas metal underground continues to maintain a bullpen of enduring, credible acts, and Book Of The Worm is another nasty weapon in its arsenal.” – The Examiner

“There is no softness on this album, no moments of respite from the chaotic blackness and brutal assault. This is not a band who want to be your friends or play nice. This is music purely designed to destroy and worship the foul Gods of the Metal underworld, wherever they dwell.” – Wonderbox Metal