HOD: New Track From Blackened Death Metal Battalion Streaming At Invisible Oranges

Aiding in the band’s quest to crush the souls of nonbelievers, today the evil doers of Invisible Oranges offer up an exclusive premiere of “Beneath The Mountains Of The Scorpion” from San Antonio blackened death metal deviants HOD. The newest hymn of insolence comes by way of The Uncreated Demo.

Recorded by Dennis Munoz (Solstice) and Stuart “Batlord” Laurence (Agony Column/Ignitor) The Uncreated Demo features the recording lineup of guitarist Necron, vocalist Vladibeer Reebs, bassist T.A., and drummer Dennis Sanders and serves as a disease-ridden apocalyptic precursor to the band’s forthcoming Book of the Worm full-length. “This demo isn’t just HOD‘s return to the frontlines,” notes Reebs. “It’s the first assault of a whole new war and siege! It’s time for HOD to take our rightful place upon the throne.”

Dive head first into the bowels of Hell HERE.

Additionally, you can further sully your soul with “When The Ghouls Feed,” which previously premiered courtesy of Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

The Uncreated will be limited to 100 CDs and 125 cassettes available at shows and through the band’s official Bandcamp Page.

HOD will bring their audio wreckage to the stage with a handful of live assaults. See updated itinerary below:

HOD Live Assaults 2013:
4/20/2013 Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX w/ War Master, Demoniacal Geuflection, Brimwylf
6/01/2013 The Korova – San Antonio,TX w/Abigail (Japan), Speedwolf, Full Of Hell, Gehenna, Sturmgewehr
6/29/2013 Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX w/ Dead Horse

“Consider HOD 2013 to be the snake eating itself and a bigger snake eating the smaller snake, a kind of infinite (and horrifically malign) Ouroboros.” — Decibel

“These three songs are some of the best I’ve heard from the US death metal scene in years, maybe ages.” – Voices From The Darkside

“Right from the beginning…the band pummels the listener with straight ahead death metal insanity… an absolutely stellar demo that really whets the appetite for more from the band.” – Sea Of Tranquility

If you like intense and fresh music, look no further and pick up a copy of The Uncreated. HOD is a band with a monster sound that is both brutal and very well crafted, something that is rare these days…” — Infernal Masquerade

“…three death metal songs that are delivered with venom…” – Lords Of Metal